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Lifecycle Automation

Lifecycle Marketing Automation

We’ve distilled years of experience in email marketing, ecommerce and marketing automation into a great value fixed-price package that covers all the key points in each of your customer’s journeys to make sure no sales opportunities slip through the cracks.

Our Lifecycle Marketing Automation package addresses the key drivers of revenue for your store with a series of automation sequences designed and implemented specifically for your business:

  1. Maximising revenue from new customers
  2. Recovering abandoned shopping carts
  3. Encourage repeat purchases
  4. Winning back lapsed customers
  5. Increasing lifetime customer value

How do we do this? We use a unique five point process to guarantee success:

  • Discovery: our team of researchers and strategy experts will meet with you to discuss your offerings, market and business. We’ll take a look at the full picture to determine how best to boost your profits.
  • Customer Journey Strategy: once we have all the information we need, our Customer Journey experts will pour over all the facets of your business to figure out what really makes your customers tick, and improve their experience.
  • Development: we’ll create integrations between your tools and software to start tracking sales data, website traffic, email opens, clicks and more. This data ecosystem is the life-blood of your new marketing strategy – you can’t personalise or automate without it!
  • Creative: our team of designers, developers and copywriters will get to work creating highly-converting marketing materials. Each and every one is custom-made to match your unique visual brand and voice and tone, and serves its own important purpose along the customer journey.
  • Implementation: The last step is automating the process to deliver your new content to the right people at the right time. Data and content goes in, and perfectly-timed, relevant marketing come out – helping to convert prospects to customers, and customers into brand advocates.

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