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What Is Privy?


Privy is the leader in ecommerce marketing for small and growing brands. As one of the top email and SMS marketing automation platforms, Privy helps businesses sell more online by converting visitors into customers and customers into repeat customers. Using three different tools, Privy is able to help businesses grow. While Privy can be used on multiple platforms, it is most compatible with Wix and Shopify. Privy has driven over $5 billion in online sales for more than 600,000 ecommerce businesses in180+ countries using Wix and Shopify. Over 18,000 Shopify merchants have rated it 5-stars in the Shopify app store. Privy is also the #1 most reviewed app on the Shopify app store.

What Can Privy Do?

Privy has three main tools that lead to the success of your growing business: Privy Convert, Privy Email, and Privy Text.

Privy Convert: The first tool that Privy uses to bring in conversions is called Privy Convert. This tool can create popups, flyouts, and other offers to convert visitors into email subscribers and first-time buyers. Email lists are important when it comes to managing your email subscribers, so Privy Convert then allows you to sort through your lists. With Privy Convert popups, capture a customer’s email address or phone number to build their marketing channels and help sell more. Over 500,000 merchants are using Privy PopUp Displays to build their lists and grow their sales. Privy Convert also comes with premade templates that have had high conversion rates. These templates are proven and tested by companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. With Privy Popups, you can also customize which information you want to collect in popup forms. Some examples include: phone numbers, emails, and birthdays.

Privy Convert Features:

  • New Visitor Email Collection:
    A popup that comes up once a visitor first visits the site to collect email, SMS, birthday and more.
  • Free Shipping Bar:
    Shows customers how close they are to earning free shipping, incentivizing them to add that extra item or two.
  • Exit Intent Popups:
    With these popup forms, you can stop cart abandonment while shoppers are still on site. Exit intent popups are used to display a reminder or coupon when customers are about to exit a store with items still in their cart.
  • Cross Sell Campaigns:
    A popup that can suggest additional products based on what’s in someone’s cart.

Privy Email: The most robust tool that Privy uses to turn your customers into repeat buyers, Privy Email builds upon Privy Convert to keep the Customer Journey going. According to Privy, stores using Privy Email have earned over $600 Million in sales. With different forms of email that tie into multiple platform channels, Privy Email sees email as the best way to drive conversions and revenue.

Privy Email Features:

  • Newsletters:
    Keep your audience engaged with monthly newsletters, or use newsletters to run promotions, launch new products, or announce events.
  • Cart Abandonment
    Emails that make sure that customers don’t miss out on their carts. Privy can help you recover 10-20% of your abandoned carts.
  • Customer Winback
    Turn first time buyers into repeat customers by reminding customers to refill products, or promote cross-sells to customers who have fallen behind.
  • Welcome Emails
    Create connections with your customers at the first impression with a welcome email.

Privy Text:  With text messaging becoming a huge tool in ecommerce marketing over the last few years, Privy came up with their own SMS service called Privy Text. With Privy Text, businesses can send out SMS to their customers to promote sales, remind customers of abandoned carts, send welcome messages, and more. Privy Text already has compliance measures built into the platform and has the option to “opt-in” to SMS marketing. This ensures that all customers receiving text messages have opted to receive them. Since they asked to get them, they are more likely to open these messages especially from their favorite businesses.

Privy Text Features:
  • After Sign-up Messages
    Messages automatically sent out once someone signs up to make sure that they know they did and also just to say hello.
  • Abandoned Cart Messages
    Remind customers when they leave something in their cart with a link back to their carts.
  • Sale Reminder Messages
    Send out reminders on sales and coupons or other events.
  • Shopify Coupon Integration
    Automatically have Shopify coupons sent to customers.
  • Shopify Cart Integration
    Used with Abandoned Cart to make sure your customers know what they left behind.

How Andzen Can Help Privy Merchants

Using Privy, we are able to strengthen email marketing strategies for merchants. We can help with numerous options within Privy including email setup, popup setup, and text message integration. Our team of Copywriters and Designers are able to create emails that not only  fit with your branding, but elevate it. Then, our team of Digital Producers build these emails using the drag and drop Privy Email template. We are THE email automation experts. Creating specific touch points to strengthen the customer journey and experience, we will deliver emails to your customers that need them most.

As detailed above, Privy has many different features. Combined, these features allow us to keep customers connected at every stage of their customer journey with your brand.

With Privy Convert we can create:

  • Email Collection Pop Ups
  • Spin to Win Pop Ups
  • Flyouts

With Privy Email we can:

  • Build Campaign Emails
  • Create and maintain Automation Flows
  • Integrate coupons throughout your e-Commerce Site into your email channels
  • Increase ROI and User Engagement

With Privy Text we can:

  • Align messages between SMS and Email
  • Humanize the Customer Experience
  • Create SMS Automations
  • Remind customers of important sales and offers
  • Maintain Compliance and Deliverability

Privy integrates with many leading  e-Commerce websites including Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Weebly, HubSpot, WooCommerce, and Magento. Andzen will complete this integration to make sure your brand’s channels are all aligned.

Analytics are important to any brand’s success. Our team is able to compile analytics within Privy and make them easy to view, so that you can see your growth from month to month. We then take these analytics to create new strategies for your business.

Andzen uses Privy as a great email marketing tool to maintain the customer journey for your business. Whether it be through Privy Email, Privy Text, or Privy Convert, we have you covered.

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