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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Raise Awareness and Drive Sales

In a digital world where eCommerce thrives, email marketing is the key to reaching customers and building solid relationships. 

Through strategic email marketing plans, we’re able to create content that resonates with your customer base to increase brand awareness and drive revenue. 

Each eCommerce brand is different, so we work behind the scenes to understand your brand and its customers to create edm marketing strategies that work, and design emails that convert. 

As an email marketing agency, we’re focused on getting great results for your eCommerce store through highly engaging, converting email marketing strategies. 

There are two main components to email marketing: email campaigns and email automations. We’ll work with you to build a strategy that services both. 

The great thing about email marketing is that you own your audience. We help you build your database and maintain your subscribers through engaging content and personalized journeys. 

We work to create audience segments so your campaigns are never sent to a bulk email list, because segmented campaigns perform better across all areas – open rate alone is on average 14.31% higher.

Why Use Email Marketing?

In the production that is lifecycle marketing, email marketing plays the main character (in our humble, expert opinion).

Email marketing is an effective way to reach customers, and make buying from your eCommerce store not only an easy experience, but a memorable one. 

Through email marketing, we are able to deliver targeted content, tailored to where customers are in their journey. 

This creates a personalized relationship between your brand and your customer, fostering customer loyalty, and increasing sales. 

Email marketing has many valuable uses – from raising brand awareness, building relationships to, of course, generating purchases. 

Customers sign up to receive marketing emails because they’re interested in what your brand has to offer. The next step is to foster this relationship to not only give the customer what they signed up for, but to deliver personalized content at the right time. 

Through a series of well-timed and well thought out automated and manual email campaigns, we’re able to nurture your customers into their first purchase, and keep them coming back to increase their lifetime value.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Data Driven Email Strategies That Work

Email marketing is our forte, and here’s how that works in your favour. We know what makes for an effective email marketing strategy, and we know exactly where to begin. 

It all starts with knowing who your customers are, and what their behaviours are telling us about their preferences. We dive into your analytics data to find this out, and create email marketing strategies that reflect this knowledge. 

We don’t create email marketing strategies that are a one size fits all, we create personalised strategies for your brand, because we understand that each brand is different. 

How It Works

There are many email marketing agencies out there – but not all of them started as an email service provider (hint, we did!).

The customer journey is our niche, and we live and breathe all things email marketing. 

We offer a number of email marketing services, from devising email marketing strategies for your brand, implementing email marketing automations, to managing your email campaigns. 

Our team of creatives write and design emails that fit in with your brand, keeping the customer journey and experience front of mind. 

We’re all about the Japanese concept of ‘Kaizen’, meaning ‘continuous improvement’. So, we put together regular reports to evaluate the performance of the campaigns and automations that we create, so that we can continuously improve to get better results for your store.

Our Expertise

We are the FIRST Klaviyo Elite Master Partner (the exclusive top tier) in APAC and FIFTH in the world.

Klaviyo Master Elite

We have experienced and qualified staff who are:

  • Klaviyo Master Elite Certified
  • Shopify Plus Marketing Partner Certified
  • Postscript Certified
  • Okendo Certified
  • JustUno Certified
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Our team’s extensive knowledge of these platforms, among a list of others, puts us a step ahead as we get the most out of their capabilities and integrations to create strategies that drive results.

Andzen started as an Email Service Provider (ESP), and when we sold that company, it made sense to use our skills in email marketing to our (unfair) advantage. 

The customer journey is our niche, and as such we are able to analyze, create, and implement email marketing campaigns and strategies with lifecycle marketing at the forefront. 

We are strategically and financially minded, driven by results to get the best outcome for your ecommerce business. 

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, from traditional and digital marketing, advertising, to analytics. 

Our combined skills and experience mean we’re able to craft strategies that are tailored to your ecommerce store and its customers – because no two stores fit the same mould.


We create email marketing strategies that are tailored to your brand.


Our team of creatives work together to produce good looking emails that fit in with your style.


We analyze the results so we can identify areas where we can improve, because hey, we’re only human.

Check out our case studies to find out how we’ve helped other eCommerce businesses get great results.

Our Capabilities

Our team works with a number of platforms to get great results for our clients. With knowledge and experience, we’re able to create customer journeys using the systems below: 

Email Marketing FAQs

Email marketing is the act of sending digital content to customers and prospective customers to market products or services.

Email marketing plays a key part in creating a relationship with customers. By sending relevant, well-timed emails to customers, this relationship is strengthened, encouraging purchases and increasing customer lifetime value.

Email marketing works by targeting specific audiences with content that aims to motivate a purchase. To commence email marketing, you first need to build your email list.

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy, with measurable results. Unlike other marketing tactics, email marketing is effective in that you can choose exactly who gets sent your emails.

The cost of email marketing platforms can vary depending on the features they offer. However, they generally scale depending on the size of your database. Smaller merchants can get started for free on platforms like Klaviyo.

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