Andzen Has Just Become the First Ever Klaviyo Elite Master Partner Outside of the USA

Klaviyo Elite Master Partner

It’s official… After a longstanding partnership with Klaviyo, we are extremely proud to announce that Andzen is now the first ever Klaviyo Master Elite Partner in APAC!

We’ve just joined a very distinguished group, alongside only four (4) other Klaviyo Partners globally, who have ever been given this honor. To say we’re excited is an understatement. To say we’re proud of our team, is putting it lightly.

As a customer journey agency head-quartered in Brisbane, Australia (with offices in US and Asia) — we’re thrilled to be recognised for the work we are doing with eCommerce brands all over the world!

So what does this mean and how will it benefit our clients? Let’s have a look-see…

What exactly is a Klaviyo Elite Master Partner?

First up, let’s put this into perspective. The Klaviyo Partnership Program is an exclusive membership with 4 tiers:

  • SILVER Master 
  • GOLD Master
  • PLATINUM Master 
  • And the tippy top tier, ELITE Master

This is a global program, comprising the leading agencies and service providers that work closely with Klaviyo to get best-in-class results for their clients (using the Klaviyo platform).

At each new tier, partners (like Andzen) are given increased benefits that help to generate better results for the brands we work with. This can be in the form of…

  • Specialized Klaviyo training on feature applications
  • Exclusive access to the Klaviyo leadership team
  • Beta testing new features and tools within Klaviyo

And the list goes on. So, being invited to the Elite tier means that we are at the top-of-the-top Klaviyo service providers in the world. It also means we will now begin working much closer with the Klaviyo team — and will have a range of new opportunities for growing our clients’ businesses.

So why was Andzen invited to be a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner? And what does it mean for our clients? Let’s look at some of the criteria Klaviyo uses to assess partners…

Andzen has a team with market-leading Klaviyo expertise

Here at Andzen, we’ve been working with Klaviyo for 5 years and counting. The Boston-based email marketing platform was founded in 2012 but has taken the eCommerce world by storm in recent years.

During our time working with Klaviyo there has been a lot of evolution on their platform. It now boasts an extremely user-friendly interface with all the bells and whistles a high-growth merchant could want.

With our deep platform expertise and growing team of Klaviyo experts, we have a proven record of far exceeding ROI benchmarks for our clients. This is just one of the reasons Klaviyo has recognised us with Elite status in their partner program.

Andzen achieve market-leading account health and ROI

Our goal is always to help our clients build a quality database (full of engaged customers) and send quality content (that excites and converts their subscribers).

These are 2 things that we have become exceedingly successful at. While many service providers are happy to help clients build a large database, full of poorly engaged subscribers, from day 1 we have set extremely high standards for growing our clients audience.

This has meant we have consistently cultivated above average account health for our clients and is another reason why Klaviyo has recognised us as one of their top partners.

Andzen has a leadership team that aligns with Klaviyo

Starting back in 2016 we realised that the Klaviyo team were building something uniquely powerful for eCommerce merchants. While some agencies and service providers have email marketing as an add-on service, we have gone deep on this channel.

That means we’ve been able to stay ahead of the pack and deliver best-in-class results for our clients. By staying in our lane and staying focused on the Klaviyo platform, we’ve built a global reputation as the leading customer journey agency for high-growth eCommerce businesses.

Our leadership team have worked closely with Klaviyo for a number of years now and we have built a strong working relationship — that we’re extremely proud of.

Ready to chat to our expert Klaviyo team?

You can explore some of the results we’ve achieved for our clients here. And when you’re ready to take your email and SMS marketing to the next level, reach out to our friendly team for a no-obligation chat.

Hi, I'm Luke; Creative Director at Andzen. Some people appreciate vintage cars—others appreciate American West Coast IPAs. I appreciate words, sentences, songs, books, and creative use of the English language. After growing and selling my own eCommerce brand I now use everything I learnt to help other eCommerce brands grow their reach and revenue. I enjoy working with inspired entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a product that truly 'shakes things up' and changes people's lives.

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