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Your website, email, and mobile marketing are owned channels that provide an unprecedented ability to deliver personalised, memorable experiences that reflect your brand’s personality.

We use these channels to simulate a personal 1-to-1 shopping experience for your online customers. Explore our services below that guide your customers through an intuitive journey from site visitors to first time buyers… from first time buyers to repeat customers… and from repeat customers to long-term brand advocates!

Email Marketing

It all starts with knowing who your customers are, and what their behaviours are telling us about their preferences. We dive into your analytics data to find this out, and create email marketing strategies that reflect these insights. With our email marketing services, we will help your brand to collect data, build on-brand customer experiences, and deliver personalised touchpoints at the right time to convert and retain more customers.

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SMS Marketing

With our SMS marketing services, our team works with you to create highly converting SMS campaigns. SMS is an extremely powerful channel when used correctly. There are strict anti-spam laws when it comes to businesses sending SMS to their customers. Our team understands the best practices when it comes to SMS marketing, and works within these guidelines to create effective strategies for your brand.

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Customer Lifecycle Marketing

As a customer journey agency, lifecycle marketing is our specialty. With strategic, automated email flows, we’re able to create highly personalized touchpoints for customers at all stages of their journey. From capturing and nurturing customers into their first purchase, to encouraging customers to introduce your brand to their friends. 

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Messenger Marketing

Our team crafts strategies to incorporate Messenger marketing (with platforms such as Recart) into existing marketing plans. This includes welcome messages, Abandoned Cart notifications, and any other promotions. With the customer journey front of mind, our team is able to create these Messenger strategies that intertwine with the corresponding email automations, or stand alone as their own conversation flows. 

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Loyalty Marketing Programs

We work with eCommerce brands to create loyalty programs that foster customer loyalty, plus we can incorporate existing loyalty programs into an updated marketing strategy. We understand product margins and sales targets, and use this knowledge to build successful loyalty programs and create customer rewards that fit within these to ensure that the program ultimately drives a profit.

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Ecommerce Marketing Consulting

With our custom consulting and auditing services, we’re able to analyze your current customer journey and provide advice on how to not only increase eCommerce customer acquisition, but also eCommerce customer retention.

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