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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Our prices are custom and based on the scope of work. Scope can vary based on our proposed strategy for each customer journey module.

We don’t use templated automations as we’re a premium agency. We create tailored strategies and on-brand creative, that guide your customers along the buyer journey.

Does Andzen do more than just email marketing?

Yes! We focus on the entire customer journey across all of your store’s direct marketing channels.

This means we deploy a whole range of services, such as creating: loyalty programs, pop-ups and forms, SMS marketing, Messenger strategy, as well as email marketing both for campaigns and automations. We also help manage integrations between key platforms in your customer journey setup.

Can you help integrate other tech platforms we use?

Yes! We have a diverse range of specialists on our team (including eCommerce strategists and developers). We often work with many platforms and manage integrations that suit our client’s unique needs.

We have the means to integrate most platforms in your customer journey, as well as the know-how to best leverage these integrations within your Customer Journey mix.

How do your Agreements work - is it just a flat retainer?

We design a custom scope for each client during onboarding and we typically set a 4 – 6 month engagement span.

Can you handle our campaigns as well as automations?

Yes! We work with plenty of stores who run frequent campaigns throughout the week. For these brands, we’re typically involved with their automations as well as their promotional campaigns across a number of channels.

Can you deliver end-to-end or do we have to supply copy and design?

We’ve got you covered! We have a full-service team at Andzen, and we can deliver everything from strategy and direction through to design, copy and development (if required). Our team usually produces the creative and builds the piece within the required platform.

Once approved we also set the strategies live, do scheduled automation checks, and performance reporting.

What separates you from our social ads agency / developers who say they can help with our email marketing?

We are specialists in email marketing and our niche is the customer journey. We’re the first certified Klaviyo Master Elite Partner in APAC, and a Shopify Plus Marketing Partner. The difference between us and other agencies is that we are masters of our craft. We work with email marketing platforms everyday, and we use our knowledge and experience to go above what other agencies are able to produce. When we create an email campaign or automation, we have a dedicated Account Manager, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, and Digital Producer who all work together to create the best outcome for your business.

Should we create a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs are a great way to encourage engagement with your brand, increase customer LTV, and of course, build loyalty. They are beneficial for encouraging repeat purchases and increasing AOV. The key to a successful loyalty program is setting the right points-per-dollars-spent ratio. You want it to be worth the customer’s while, but make sure it fits within your margins so that the program runs at a profit. Our strategists can help you decide if a loyalty program is right for your business.

Should we add SMS to the mix?

SMS marketing is a great way to enhance your marketing strategy. SMS is direct and immediate – 97% of people read text messages within 15 minutes of it being sent. Customers must opt-in to receive SMS, so with a captive audience, you have the opportunity to reach them on a personal and convenient platform. SMS marketing works well alongside email marketing, and increases customer engagement.

Can you help us get more reviews?

Yes! We’ve worked with many clients to create successful review generation strategies. Our Account Managers will work with you and your chosen review platform, or recommend a new one. The value of customer reviews is enormous – particularly in establishing trust with potential customers. We are able to incorporate review collection into your Post Purchase series, or create standalone review request automations.

What does customer journey marketing actually mean?

The customer journey is the experience that a customer goes through when interacting with a brand from start to finish. From discovering the brand, browsing the website, making their first purchase, and becoming a regular, loyal customer. We specialize in creating touchpoints that are personalized to each individual customer and aimed at increasing their LTV. We do this by creating a series of automations, campaigns, and tailored content to suit the customer’s behaviours.

Why the name “Andzen”?

Long story short, the executive team was brainstorming names for the agency when they had an idea. They wanted the name to reflect the fact that eCommerce businesses would feel a sense of calm knowing that we had their email marketing covered… a feeling of zen. Email campaigns and zen… automations and zen… enter, Andzen!

Will you work alongside our other agency partners and internal teams?

Absolutely. We collaborate closely with our client’s internal teams and their other agencies to ensure our strategies are all aligned. This is often facilitated through regular agency WIP calls.

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