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Ecommerce Marketing Consulting

eCommerce Marketing Consulting

eCommerce Strategy Consulting

We’ve got a team of experienced eCommerce strategy consulting experts ready to help you grow your store. With custom consulting services, we tailor advice to the needs and challenges of your business.  We offer assistance with:

  • Auditing your tech stack
  • Automation platform selection 
  • Automation implementation
  • Data capture strategies 
  • Process optimisation
  • GDPR compliance and more. 

Our experienced eCommerce strategy consulting team will work with you to increase customer acquisition as well as customer retention.

eCommerce Customer Journey Consultation

The customer journey is our niche. Here’s how that works in your favour: we are specialists in the eCommerce customer lifecycle, and we know how to convert a first time customer and keep them coming back for more.

This means we’re equipped to help you to better understand lifecycle marketing, so you can successfully apply these concepts to your marketing strategy now and in the future. 

With our custom consulting and auditing services, we’re able to analyze your current customer journey and provide advice on how to not only increase eCommerce customer acquisition, but also eCommerce customer retention. 

For your store, this means reaching a wider audience and getting results through increased sales and repeat purchases. 

We will review your email open rates over the past 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, the ratio of subscribers to active customers, and the timings of your automated emails. 

We look at how your store is currently performing, what automations (if any) are currently in place, and how effective these are. 

From here, we make recommendations for what could be improved, and what automations could be implemented to increase sales.

We’ll also review your tech-stack and see if there are any opportunities to integrate your apps and build a more complete customer profile in your email platform. This will allow us to create more personalized experiences with every email.

We understand the importance of a great customer journey and what this means for your business and its customers. 

As an experienced eCommerce business consultant, our custom consulting services give you a leg up so you can continue to grow your store.

Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Fostering eCommerce Customer Retention

It’s all well and good to attract new customers, but keeping them is the real goal that will make a difference to your business in the long run. 

By taking the customer journey into consideration, we are able to nurture customers through all stages of the funnel, providing them with a personalised experience throughout. 

This strategy allows us to build relationships with the customer, leading to improved repeat order rates, and therefore increased customer lifetime value. 

By analyzing your current marketing strategy, we’re able to identify gaps and areas to work on that will improve eCommerce customer retention. 

We recommend a number of different types of email automations to create a successful, extended customer journey, and will advise on which automations and tools to implement.  

From an Abandoned Cart journey to decrease cart abandonment rates, to a Lapsed Customer journey to re-engage inactive customers.

Our Expertise

We are the FIRST Klaviyo Elite Master Partner (the exclusive top tier) in APAC and FIFTH in the world.

Klaviyo Master Elite

We have experienced and qualified staff who are:

  • Klaviyo Master Elite Certified
  • Shopify Plus Marketing Partner Certified
  • Postscript Certified
  • Okendo Certified
  • JustUno Certified
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Our team’s extensive knowledge of these platforms, among a list of others, puts us a step ahead as we get the most out of their capabilities and integrations to create strategies that drive results.

Andzen started as an Email Service Provider (ESP), and when we sold that company, it made sense to use our skills in email marketing to our (unfair) advantage. 

The customer journey is our niche, and as such we are able to analyze, create and implement email marketing strategies with lifecycle marketing at the forefront. 

We are strategically and financially minded, driven by results to get the best outcome for your eCommerce business. 

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, from traditional and digital marketing, advertising, to analytics. 

Our combined skills and experience mean we’re able to craft strategies that are tailored to your eCommerce store and its customers – because no two businesses fit the same mould. 

Check out our case studies to find out how we’ve helped other eCommerce businesses get great results.

Our Capabilities

Our team works with a number of platforms to get great results for our clients. With knowledge and experience, we’re able to create content using the systems below:

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