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Marketing For Recart Merchants

What Is Recart?

Recart is a platform that specializes in Messenger marketing to help eCommerce merchants sell more online. From sending abandoned cart reminders to increase conversions, to sending shipping and delivery updates, Recart helps you to get in touch with customers on the platform that they actively use – Messenger. Plus, it all happens in one Messenger conversation. 

It’s is a very user-friendly platform, and with pre-built Messenger flow templates, it’s easy to start connecting with customers from the get-go. 

Recart integrates with numerous platforms, including popup builders, so it’s quick and easy for customers to subscribe to email marketing and Messenger marketing all in one place. It’s as simple as the customer ticking a box to opt-in. 

The analytics feature clearly outlines how each conversation flow performs, making reporting quick, and identifying opportunities for optimization simple. 

Over 13,000 eCommerce merchants have installed Recart to communicate with their customers, and that number is growing. Recart has helped these merchants generate over $120 million in extra revenue.

How Andzen Can Help Recart Merchants

At Andzen, our talented staff collectively have a number of years of experience using Recart for our clients. We have specialized knowledge of the platform, and use this to your store’s advantage. 

Recart integrates with most eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. As specialists in the niche of customer journeys, our eCommerce consultants are able to evaluate your store’s performance and identify gaps that Recart can fill. 

Our team crafts strategies to incorporate Messenger marketing with Recart into existing marketing plans, as well as creating new ones. Recart offers features including welcome messages, Abandoned Cart notifications, and promotions. With the customer journey front of mind, our team is able to create these Messenger strategies that intertwine with the corresponding email automations, or stand alone as their own conversation flows. 

We are also able to create bespoke SMS & Messenger marketing strategies to help brands connect with their audience on a more direct, personal level. With integrations with Klaviyo and Postscript, using Recart adds another layer to your marketing strategy in these areas. 

Our experience working across multiple platforms means we’re able to make the most out of your Recart integrations. For example, enhancing your review and UGC strategy with the Loox and Recart integration. With this integration, we’re able to ensure no opportunity for collecting a customer review is missed. 

Using Recart’s Messenger widget on popups (including in Klaviyo and Justuno), we’re able to enhance your data capture strategy. Using Recart Messenger flows, we’re also able to prompt people to opt-in to receiving email marketing. For Klaviyo alone, this feature means we’re able to grow a newsletter list 20 times faster – those results speak for themselves. 

With over 20 billion messages exchanged on Messenger each month, Recart allows you to connect with your customers on a platform that they actively use, and our team can maximize the results.

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