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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing adds another element of communication to your marketing strategy – and it’s highly effective. 

Customers opt-in to receive SMS marketing, so you have the opportunity to reach them in a direct, personal channel with an open rate of more than 90%.

However, because the channel is so direct, you don’t want to go overboard with sending messages to customers and abuse the privilege of SMS.  

We identify opportunities to run SMS campaigns, and implement these within your current marketing strategy to get the best results. 

Whether it’s using SMS campaigns alongside email campaigns, or adding SMS campaigns into automated email flows to increase conversion rates. 

SMS marketing is a great tool to foster customer loyalty – giving those who opt into SMS benefits that other customers don’t receive. For example, giving customers early access to sales events and new product launches. 

By using a mix of message types, from email to SMS, we’re able to strengthen the relationship between your brand and its customers. 

We also create strategies to collect customer’s mobile numbers, whether it’s through a pop-up, incorporated into the footer of your automated emails, or in a dedicated campaign. We tailor these to suit your brand and get results.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a strategy that uses text messaging to communicate with customers in order to drive traffic to a website or store to sell products.

SMS marketing messages consist of 1-2 short sentences (160 characters) or with an emoji or gif if you’re feeling fancy. These messages get straight to the point. 

For example, SMS marketing can be used to alert customers that a sale has started, a new collection has launched, or that their discount is about to expire. 

SMS messages are a highly targeted way of reaching customers directly on their mobile device and encouraging them to make a purchase. 

It’s a highly effective way of communicating with customers, building loyalty, and increasing sales.

Reaching Customers Through Their Phone

Customer Satisfaction | SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is direct and effective. It’s as simple as that, and we’ll tell you why. 

Read rates of SMS messages are extremely high, with 97% of people reading text messages within 15 minutes of it being sent. That’s great news for your ecommerce business! 

People check their phone (on average) 58 times a day, so it makes sense to reach customers on a channel that’s not only effective, but convenient for them. It’s a win-win in our opinion. 

Our team puts together SMS messages that align with your brand, so customers are excited to receive your texts. 

SMS messages enhance your marketing mix, and are a great way to communicate with customers to drive traffic to your website.

Customers must opt-in to receive SMS, so it’s key to devise an SMS marketing strategy that works for your audience, otherwise they’ll opt out. That’s where our expertise comes into play. 

We devise strategies to incorporate SMS marketing into your current strategy, so SMS campaigns are only sent when appropriate. 

Your customers want to hear from you – that’s why they opt-in. We create content to deliver to them that’s worth writing home about. 

There are strict anti-spam laws when it comes to businesses sending SMS to their customers.  Starting with consent from recipients, clearly identifying the sender, to having the option to unsubscribe. 

Our team understands the best practices when it comes to SMS marketing, and works within these guidelines to create effective strategies for your brand. 

Our Expertise

We are the FIRST Klaviyo Elite Master Partner (the exclusive top tier) in APAC and FIFTH in the world.

Klaviyo Master Elite

We have experienced and qualified staff who are:

  • Klaviyo Master Elite Certified
  • Shopify Plus Marketing Partner Certified
  • Postscript Certified
  • Okendo Certified
  • JustUno Certified
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Our team’s extensive knowledge of these platforms, among a list of others, puts us a step ahead as we get the most out of their capabilities and integrations to create SMS marketing strategies that drive results.

With our SMS marketing services, our team works with you to create highly converting SMS campaigns. We:


Our Strategic Account Managers create strategies surrounding SMS that generate the best results for your brand.


Our Copywriters put together short and effective messages that motivate your customers to act, and our Digital Producers build the SMS campaigns.


We analyze the results so we can identify areas where we can improve, because hey, we’re only human.

Check out this case study to find out how we implemented an SMS data capture strategy which saw a 67.1% conversion rate (where the benchmark was 1.5%).

Our Capabilities

Our team works with a number of platforms to get great results for our clients. With knowledge and experience, we’re able to create SMS strategies using the systems below: 


SMS messages have extremely high read rates (97% within 15 minutes of delivery, according to Smart Insights). In terms of cost per message, the ROI is much greater than other forms of marketing.

SMS messages are short and to the point, whereas emails have the opportunity to include more content – such as images and product feeds.

Email marketing is an effective way to build brand recognition and relationships with customers, and SMS marketing enhances this relationship

SMS marketing requires customers to opt-in. Customers will need to provide their mobile number, then tick a box or click a button to opt-in to receiving SMS messages.

SMS campaigns are a once-off send. These messages are sent to customers who have opted-in to receive SMS marketing. However, the offers within the SMS campaign can have a timeframe – for example, offering 20% off for the next 24 hours.

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