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Conversion Optimizations with Justuno

Justuno is a conversion optimization suite that allows you to create engaging pop-ups, banners, and promotions that turn website visitors into subscribers, cross-sell and up-sell products, plus learn and analyze customer behaviour.  

With Justuno’s ‘create, optimize, convert’ framework, you’re able to design pop-ups that fit seamlessly with your website, target specific audiences, A/B test content, and analyze the results to drive conversions. 

Justuno’s prebuilt designs and targeting rulesets mean that you’re able to get your promotions up and running and reach onsite visitors quickly, or customize them as necessary. 

You’re able to create pop-ups that encourage your audience to opt-in to email, SMS, and Messenger with Justuno’s powerful integrations that allow you to reach your audience in more places. 

With Justuno Plus’ Commerce AI feature, you’re able to increase your customer’s cart size by targeting them with relevant upsell, cross-sell, and product recommendation pop-ups.

How Andzen Can Help Justuno Merchants

Have you ever been on a website and seen multiple pop-ups and thought ‘wow, that’s annoying’. Well, our team is here to make sure the exact opposite happens, while increasing your ROI – and Justuno makes it possible.

Our Account Managers work with you to evaluate your existing data capture strategy, and devise strategies and incentives that work for your audience.

Our team creates well thought-out targeting rules, so customers are shown pop-ups at appropriate times, and actually want to engage with them. 

Justuno’s features allow us to grow your database through a series of strategic pop-ups and banners, A/B tested promotions and incentives, and gain insight on customer behaviour. 

We’re able to use this information to optimize pop-ups, to increase engagement, and drive conversions at the checkout.

We consider the customer journey and overall experience when implementing a strategy using Justuno, and use targeted forms to maximise conversions. 

That’s why we specialise in creating Data Capture and Nurture Series to enhance your customer experience on site through a set of pop-ups and embedded forms, and nurture customers into their first purchase through an automated email journey. 

With exit intent pop-ups, we’re able to target customers right before they leave your site, and capture the information of customers who otherwise would have exited, giving us the opportunity to encourage them to purchase. 

Justuno integrates with a wide range of platforms, meaning we’re able to enhance your marketing strategy in numerous places. 

From sending customers through a welcome series in your email marketing platform, to confirming via SMS or Messenger that they’ve opted in to receive updates. 

Justuno’s range of features mean we’re able to build pop-ups to alert customers of important updates (such as shipping information), advise them that they’ve got a discount code to use, or that there’s a special offer running. 

Plus, we’re able to increase cart size by upselling and cross-selling products based on what customers have in their cart using Justuno Plus. 

Our team runs consistent checks and reports on all live pop-ups and forms, and looks for ways to optimize to increase engagement and conversion rates. 

The Justuno app is easy to integrate with your ecommerce store, and our experienced team is ready to help you grow your business.

Justuno app

Our Experience With Justuno

Our team is Justuno certified, and has years of experience using the platform – from building data capture forms, website messaging banners, to cross-selling pop-ups that increase cart size.

As part of Justuno’s Agency Partner Program, we’re highly skilled at designing and implementing promotions that return results. 

Justuno integrates with over 95 ESPs & CRMs including Shopify, Klaviyo, and BigCommerce, so we’re able to enhance your marketing strategy in numerous places to reach a wider audience. 

As niche specialists in lifecycle marketing, we consider the customer journey when implementing data capture forms and promotions. 

With custom consulting services available, we’re also able to review your current data capture strategy and provide insight on how it can be optimized for improved results.

Our Justuno Clients

We’ve implemented data capture strategies and promotions for an array of clients, from those who run a small business, to global brands. Our clients come from various industries, from fashion, skincare, to health and fitness, including: 

Justuno Case Studies

At Andzen we offer end-to-end done-for-you customer journeys — using Justuno as the key tool in the process. You can explore some of the results we’ve achieved below:

Hungry for more? You can explore all of our case studies here!

Partner Testimonial

“Andzen is a premier Justuno partner and one of the best agencies in our ecosystem. Not only has the Andzen team taken the platform and enabled it within their services. They continue to inspire the entire Justuno organization with their advanced CRO strategy and use cases. From the time they onboard a client to months down the road. It is always amazing to see how the Andzen team can take a brand to higher heights than they ever expected. They are a dream agency partner. But a dream agency partner if you are looking for email, SMS, CRO, or other digital services. I would recommend Andzen to ANYONE looking to improve their online business”

Director of Agency Partnerships

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