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ECO. Modern Essentials blend brand and product to build customer engagement


ECO. Modern Essentials is one of Australia’s leading wellbeing brands, specialising in 100% pure essential oils and blends to support overall health & wellbeing. The ECO. woman is active, healthy and loves to look after herself with natural, local products made from nourishing ingredients. Their products are designed to be simple, effective and easy to incorporate into a busy daily routine.





When we started working with ECO. Modern Essentials, they had already built up a passionate and highly engaged customer base through their social marketing efforts, great partnerships, personalised loyalty program and their own private Facebook group. The big thing that stood out, however, was an imbalance towards top-of-funnel marketing activity.

Since the store sells mostly consumable products such as essential oils, every past customer is a potential future customer. So it didn’t make sense to be putting most of their energy into attracting new customers. As we know, it costs at least 5 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.

We also saw an opportunity to make ECO.’s existing advertising spend work harder for them, by capturing and nurturing more of their paid traffic. We knew that first time visitors were far less likely to purchase than returning visitors, but may be willing to provide their email address with the right hook.


With ECO.’s existing capture forms converting at 2%, we knew there was a lot to be gained by introducing new capture points for specific segments of visitors, based on conditions like number of visits and pages viewed. By using JustUno, a data caputre tool that integrates seamlessly with Shopify, Klaviyo and, we were able to build the type of personalised experience that ECO.’s customers have come to expect.

With the increased sign-up rate resulting from the new capture points, we needed a reliable process for nurturing new subscribers towards their first purchase. We designed and built an automated nurture program that profiled the user based on their level of experience with essential oils, and educated them based on product preferences. We coupled this with information from their loyalty program like VIP benefits, points earning activities, exclusive referral bonuses and the great rewards available for loyal customers.

Next on our roadmap was the launch of ECO.’s subscription box. Knowing this offering would be a powerful driver of repeat sales and increased customer loyalty, we worked hard to develop a campaign strategy not just for the initial launch but for quarterly pushes in line with the seasonal subscription cycle.

We also overhauled the abandoned cart and post-purchase flows, introducing some segmentation layers to make the emails more personalised and engaging.



The immediate uplift we saw from the various automations backed up what we already knew – even the most engaged customers can be made more active with the right journey automations in place.

Our data capture strategy had an immediate impact, increasing ECO.’s sign-up rate by 10X. This increased volume of new subscribers had a flow-on effect throughout the customer journey, magnifying the revenue generated from each flow.

It wasn’t just the volume that improved but also the conversion efficiency. Our new nurture program achieved a conversion rate three times that of the original welcome series.

With the launch of ECO.’s subscription product offering, we’ve also been able to create a foundation of loyal customers with locked-in recurring revenue to complement their general sales.

Overall we have achieved an 8X return on ECO.’s investment in the first 8 months.


Abandoned cart – 17% Data Capture & Nurture – 4% Wholesale Nurture – 12%

Lifestyle, Homewares, Health & Beauty

Shopify Plus, Klaviyo, JustUno,

Make the existing advertising spend work harder, by capturing and nurturing more paid traffic.

Intelligent data capture followed by a reliable nurture automation program.

10x sign-up increase and 8x return on investment in the first 8 months

  • Abandoned Cart Series
  • Campaigns
  • Data Capture
  • Wholesale Customer Nurture


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