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Klaviyo – Email and SMS Marketing Platform

What Is Klaviyo?


Klaviyo is a multifunctional email platform that allows you to communicate more personally with your site visitors, stand out from the competition, and drive more revenue for your business.

Klaviyo is renowned for its incredibly powerful range of integrations (Shopify Klaviyo is just the beginning), return on investment reporting, and advanced segmentation capabilities.

In a nutshell, it lets you deliver amazing customer experiences across email and other owned channels such as SMS. This is achieved by:

  • Collecting and storing your customers’ most important information
  • Segmenting your customers’ by their preferences and stage of the buying cycle
  • Communicating with them about the offers and promotions that matter to them

Whether for new visitors, first time purchasers, or long-time brand advocates — Klaviyo email marketing allows you to send messages triggered by legitimate preferences, rather than assumptions about your customers.

What Can Klaviyo Do?

Delighting your customers is just the beginning. The sky’s the limit with Klaviyo’s impressive list of features and integrations. They’ve built their platform from the ground up, for high-growth eCommerce merchants.

With the Klaviyo CRM you get a single record for every contact. This allows you to send segmented email campaigns and automations (flows) to increase site conversions, increase lifetime customer value, generate more UGC, and improve your overall customer experience.

Klaviyo’s web tracking lets you know what your customers are doing on your site, so you can launch a campaign to people who:

  • Haven’t stopped by recently
  • Looked at a product but didn’t buy
  • Are due to restock an item they purchased
  • And every other crucial moment in their customer journey

Klaviyo also lets you pull in dynamic blocks for order details, cart contents, product recommendations, custom web feeds, and more. This allows you to create more relevant campaigns and flows — meaning a better experience for your customers and higher profits for your business.

Possibly most importantly — you can unlock powerful growth marketing possibilities by integrating Klaviyo with other top marketing tools. Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, Woo Commerce, Salesforce, Recharge, Okendo, JustUno, and many other tools and platforms. With all key business data in one place, you can leverage insights such as consumer behaviour and buying trends to create highly targeted campaigns. This makes it the perfect solution for our clients!

Just like no two brands are the same; we strongly believe no two customer journeys should be the same. With Klaviyo you can communicate with the right customers, at the right time, and put the right offers in front of them.

Klaviyo Marketing Experts

Klaviyo Master Elite

Andzen are the FIRST Klaviyo Master Elite Partner (the exclusive top tier) in APAC and FIFTH in the world. As such we’re extremely well-versed in how to make the most of the platform and all of it’s most powerful integrations.

As a Klaviyo email marketing agency (although we do work with many other platforms), we’re experts in creating highly-customised, beautifully designed journeys for your new and existing customers.

With our stupidly-talented team (no bias here!) of strategists, creatives, and producers — Andzen has quickly become a global leader in customer journeys and email marketing.

We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed the benchmarks of other Klaviyo users and Klaviyo agencies, when it comes to open rates, click-through rates, revenue per recipient, and ROI generated.

Our main focus is to build customer journeys for our clients that are on brand, drive more revenue, improve the customer experience, look visually stunning, and help you drive long-term loyalty and retention.

We also help our clients use Klaviyo for text message marketing. This allows us to manage our clients multi-channel communications in one centralised hub.

You can read more about our Klaviyo Elite Master Partner status here.

Our Klaviyo Clients

At Andzen we work with clients in a wide range of industries — from fashion, fitness, food, grooming, nutrition, eco-friendly products, and more. Here are just some of our clients that are generating amazing results with Klaviyo:

Klaviyo Case Studies

At Andzen we offer end-to-end done-for-you customer journeys — leveraging Klaviyo as the cornerstone. You can explore some of the results we’ve achieved below:

Hungry for more? You can explore all of our case studies here!

Partner Testimonial

“The Andzen team are Klaviyo experts through and through. We’re so proud to call them partners here at Klaviyo! Many of our top clients in the APAC region rely on Andzen to drive the best outcomes from their Klaviyo implementation. If you’re looking to advance your marketing strategy, receive a high quality Klaviyo audit, or benefit from ongoing Klaviyo management and expertise – speak to Andzen!”

Robert Gibson
Lead, Partnerships - APAC

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