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Muscle Nation bulks up their email revenue with Andzen


Muscle Nation is a fitness clothing and accessories brand based in Brisbane, Australia. Co-founders Nathaniel and Chris started the business in 2016 and through their passion for quality and customer service, quickly grew the brand and built a healthy customer base. Muscle Nation now despatches hundreds of orders a day and ships to over 120 countries.


Muscle Nation were referred to us during a period of rapid organic growth. Thanks to the quality of their products and passionate team of ambassadors, they had successfully created a highly engaged customer base. But as with any trending brand or product, the threat of increasing competition was a big consideration.

Our challenge was to capitalise on the increasing traffic and ensure the growth translated into customer loyalty and increased lifetime value, ultimately helping Muscle Nation to build a sustainable long term business. We also saw an opportunity to drive additional revenue during launch periods and sales, by introducing a multi-phased approach to email campaigns.


With so much potential revenue being left on the table, we opted to launch straight into a hybrid approach of campaigns and automations. During the discovery process, we noticed an unusually high rate of cart abandonment. We addressed this by implementing a three-step abandoned cart flow that identified whether the customer was new or returning, and whether the cart value was high or low, and personalised the content of the emails accordingly. We also built a nurture series to reduce the latency from sign-up to first purchase, and a milestone series to reward loyal customers.

On the campaign front, we noticed Muscle Nation’s most engaged customers were often referring back to promotional emails several days after originally opening, and ordering twice or even three times within a single campaign period. To take advantage of this, we introduced a three-phased approach to launches and sales, generating initial buzz through ‘early access’ messaging, and creating urgency by notifying customers when a sale was nearing its end or a new item had almost sold out.


As expected, the new approach to campaigns had an immediate impact on sales. For example, the latest season launch campaign had a conversion rate of 1.4% from the first email, which was in line with what we’d seen from past campaigns. However by sending two follow-up emails as part of the series, we were able to increase the campaign conversion rate to 2.4%.

Through a combination of monthly campaigns and automated flows, we’ve generated a 28X return in 8 months.


Fitness apparel, supplements

Shopify Plus & Klaviyo

Capitalise on the increasing traffic and ensure the growth translated into customer loyalty and increased lifetime value

Hybrid approach of campaigns and automations

28X over 8 months

  • Abandoned Cart Series
  • Campaigns
  • Customer Milestone Series
  • Nurture Series


Why our clients love working with us

Chris Anastasi

“When we first met Andzen we told them that bringing them on would be like hiring a new staff member, we needed them to be fully immersed in our business. They’ve delivered on that in every way. The team are always looking for ways to improve our marketing while staying true to our brand values.”

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