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Loop Returns

Driving Customer Retention with Loop Returns and Exchanges

What is Loop?

Loop Returns

Loop Returns and Exchanges is an online platform designed to help eCommerce merchants retain customers at the most fragile stage of their customer journey — online returns.

Designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, Loop makes the online returns process a positive experience for customers.

On average, Loop customers retain revenue on 40% of their customer returns. This is done through exchanges, which with Loop, are made hassle-free and encourage customers to return to your online store to make repeat purchases. Loop encourages more exchanges, and less refunds.

With Loop’s fully-branded returns management system, you’re able to customize your returns and exchanges process inline with your policies.

Loop’s Returns Portal allows customers to create a return at any time — with your businesses’ return policies automatically enforced. This user-friendly portal ensures your customers can easily create a return or exchange, so there’s no second guessing whether they want to return to make repeat purchases in the future.

You may deem some returns ‘higher risk’ (such as refunds) and choose to manually inspect these returns first. With Loop’s complete returns automation this is possible.

Loop makes exchanges a seamless process. Customers can choose to swap their product for any variant, and Loop will then create the order in Shopify. If the chosen item is out of stock, a customer will be notified via a Loop notification.

By automating the returns and exchanges process, Loop creates a seamless experience for customers, as well as customer service teams behind the scenes of your eCommerce business.

How Andzen can help Loop merchants

As experts in the niche of customer journeys, our team understands the importance of a positive online returns experience. A poor experience can prevent customers from returning to your store, whereas a hassle-free return and exchange process can turn one time customers into repeat purchasers. Our Strategic Account Managers will craft a strategy to implement Loop for your store, or optimize your existing Loop strategy to increase your ROI.

Loop offers in-app notifications which automatically send to customers once triggered by an action. While the Loop notifications can be somewhat customized with your company logo and accent colours, our team takes the copy and design to the next level. With the Loop <> Klaviyo integration, our team will create beautifully-designed custom emails that connect with your customers.

These emails include (but are not limited to):

  • Return confirmation
  • Return confirmation (without shipping labels)
  • Out-of-stock notice
  • Expiration reminder
  • Expiration notice
  • Keep item: return confirmation

Plus, with Klaviyo’s dynamic content, we’re able to include relevant product feeds to recommend products to customers that encourage repeat purchase.

Loop integrates with a number of platforms, including: Klaviyo, Gorgias, ReCharge, Attentive and more. With the cost of acquiring new customers approximately 5x higher than the cost of retaining an existing one, our team understands the importance of a seamless returns experience. That’s why our Strategic Account Managers will craft strategies that make the most out of your integrations with Loop to ensure your eCommerce store’s returns experience is a positive one.

Our Loop clients

The team at Andzen has experience using Loop for a number of clients, including:

Infectious Clothing Company

Loop Returns FAQs

Loop Returns and Exchanges allows you to automate your returns process. You can set up your Loop app to enforce your returns policies. Then, Customers are able to log in to the Returns Portal and create a return or exchange. A QR code will be generated, so if a customer doesn’t have a printer to print their return label, they can take it to a post office and scan the QR code instead. With Loop notifications, customers will be alerted once an action has been completed (such as the store receiving their return). Loop makes the returns process straightforward for customers, as well as eCommerce businesses.

Yes, Loop integrates with a number of platforms, including Shopify.

Pricing for Loop Returns and exchanges starts at $59USD per month.

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