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What Is

Simply put — Gorgias is the #1 ranked help-desk for eCommerce merchants. It’s an affordable and highly effective way to provide customer support to customers on your site. It allows you to integrate all of your preferred customer service channels, like email, chat, messenger, SMS, as well as social media comments (and much more) all in one place. With Gorgias you can stop jumping between tools and ensure you answer your customers’ questions in hours instead of days.

Brand owners and customer service staff love Gorgias because you can:

  • Access all your support tickets in one place.
  • Turn your customer service expenses into a profit engine.
  • Provide an outstanding customer service experience.

Ultimately this allows you to increase customer satisfaction and drive more customer loyalty. 

Gorgias integrates with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, Instagram, Facebook, Klaviyo, Recharge,, Okendo, Postscript, Recart, and many other platforms and apps.

How Andzen Can Help Merchants

Here at Andzen we help merchants use Gorgias to send highly personalized messages through integrating platforms such as Klaviyo. We create targeted and automated messaging based on Gorgias events — such as tickets created, tickets closed, satisfaction surveys sent, and survey responses. We can also exclude customers with active support tickets from getting certain emails.

As a customer journey agency we understand that customer experience and shopper satisfaction are crucial to driving up customer retention and lifetime value. That’s why we find Gorgias and the Gorgias integration with Klaviyo to be such a powerful opportunity for high-growth brands.

We help clients to strategize, create, and implement amazing customer journeys for their new and existing customers. With Gorgias we can promote a seasonal sale or new product drop to customers who reported they had a positive customer support experience.

We can also send special offers to customers who report that their customer support was poor (and turn around their experience before it’s too late). With customer reviews being such a crucial driver to your store’s success, being able to intervene at the exact right moment (every time and on auto-pilot) is a priceless addition to your overall customer journey.

If you’d like to learn more about Klaviyo and the services we offer, check out our resource page here. FAQs

Gorgias pricing is designed to scale with your business and has plans starting from $50 USD per month, ranging up to their enterprise plans. All plans include unlimited users. Pricing is based on the number of support tickets, so you’re billed on the value that you get. And you only pay for tickets that contain a response sent from Gorgias.

Gorgias is a help-desk software that allows you to centralize all of your favourite customer service platforms in one place.

Gorgias is a user-friendly help desk that allows you to instantly connect to Shopify in under a minute and have customer and order history at your fingertips. Gorgias seamlessly integrates with all of your preferred customer service platforms and apps.

This is how online businesses provide assistance and support to their customers. it includes everything from product selection, customer questions, returns, and helping customers with any other issues they have on your site.

No, Shopify does not handle the customer service for merchants that use the Shopify platform. That’s what makes a tool like Gorgias such a powerful asset for businesses using Shopify.

It’s important to provide good support to your customers and running an online store is no different. Setting up clear methods for customers to contact you is the bare minimum (email address, mailing address, and a contact form). Once you start receiving a high volume of support enquiries it might be time to consider a tool such as Gorgias.

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