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What Is Attentive?


Attentive is a top text message marketing provider. Attentive text messaging can be used to scale subscriber lists and create seamless communication between businesses and audiences. Attentive sms marketing is implemented to rapidly grow subscriber lists, engage with customers, and drive revenue. The app boasts usage by 4,000+ of the most innovative brands built on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and more.

There are six main components to Attentive’s platform: Growth, Audience Manager, Messaging, Business Intelligence, Integrations, and Compliance & Deliverability.

1. Growth: Create, promote, and program sign-up forms for your campaigns.

  • Create high-performing, compliant sign-up units for your brand to maximize subscriber growth.
  • Promote incentives that capture the attention of your customer and convert browsers into buyers.
  • Program when and where your sign-up units appear on your website.

2. Audience Manager: Target the right audiences with personalized content

  • Create a single, comprehensive customer view to power personalization.
  • Target audiences with more personal messages that inspire action.

3. Messaging: Ensure customer attention at every stage of the customer journey, from first impressions to the latest transactions.

  • Engage with relevant text messages that drive loyalty and revenue.
  • Amplify outreach to customers with immersive experiences that capture your audience.
  • Optimize strategy through testing and iteration.

4. Business Intelligence: Grow strategy and make smarter decisions with advanced reporting

  • Measure SMS channels and understand their performances in minutes with fast, flexible, and shareable reporting options.
  • Identify new strategies, study results, and refine sending to maximize ROI.

5. Compliance & Deliverability: Get the most out of Attentive while having more time to focus on audience engagement.

  • Compliance: Confidently build a revenue generating text message marketing channel designed with compliance in mind to ensure best practices are enforced at every step of the customer journey. Compliance rules are regulated around: ADA accessibility tools for sign-up units, litigator defender, audit trails, and subscriber opt-out protection. Attentive also has in-house compliance authorities to help with TCPA and CTIA compliance.
  • Deliverability: Attentive’s products are built on a strong foundation consisting of fast, reliable deliverability and trusted partnerships with carriers, so focus can be kept on engaging with customers rather than focusing on deliverability issues.

6. Integrations: Heighten your mobile messaging strategy by using an impressive suite of integrations, including


How Andzen Can Help Attentive Merchants?

Here at Andzen, we want to make sure that you and your customers have the best experience possible. We will set up any Attentive integrations that you need, then will use Attentive to create multiple campaigns, automations, and more.

Using Attentive text messaging, our team is able to help you create a seamless customer experience through mobile messaging. We will update your subscriber lists and create great communication between your business and your customers. Andzen can determine what your customers’ behaviours are, and tailor segments that are best suited to your eCommerce business. If any compliance or deliverability issues arise during your time with us, Andzen takes the stress out by working directly with Attentive on your behalf.

By utilizing Attentive’s Business Intelligence, we are able to create strategies that align with your business’ needs and growth expectations. Let us do the hard work for you. We can set up your campaigns for any big events that might be coming up for your brand. We can also create campaigns for new products, important dates, flash sales, and more. Our team can also set up automations within the platform and make sure that your Attentive text messaging is getting to the customers who need it most.

Attentive FAQs

Sending text messages to customers to enhance the customer experience.

Research shows that 54% of consumers would like to receive promotions via SMS, making SMS an extremely effective tool when marketing to prospective customers. SMS marketing is proven to increase ROI by creating a humanized customer experience.

Personalisation is a must when it comes to marketing to customers. Most people use their phones every day. If you want to create a long lasting relationship with your customers, becoming part of their everyday life is key. SMS marketing is easy and effective.

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