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What Is Loox Reviews?


Loox Reviews is a leading Shopify app that enables merchants to collect customer reviews, star ratings, and referrals. Loox is also a Google reviews partner which allows merchants to automatically show their Loox reviews on Google Shopping ads and Google Shopping product listings. According to Loox, merchants have seen a 91% increase in conversion rate and 25% of all customer reviews include an image or video content with Loox. This type of user generated content (UGC) helps to nurture new customers, and entice hesitant customers across the line at the checkout.

Using Loox photo reviews, merchants have the flexibility to choose from numerous display options to find one that suits their brand style. Customer reviews can then be displayed across product pages, as a carousel on a home page, or on a dedicated review page. Customer reviews create trust and credibility, and Loox Reviews helps you ensure they get seen. Displaying these reviews also helps to improve your site SEO.

The Loox Shopify app has three additional features that are helpful for merchants:

  1. The Loox Pop-up
  2. The Loox Sidebar
  3. Cart Page Reviews
Loox Popup Widget

When enabled, the pop-up feature will display relevant reviews when a customer is browsing through products. The sidebar feature means that customers are able to easily access reviews when on the website. The cart page reviews feature will display reviews when a customer views their cart, to provide extra motivation and reduce cart abandonment.

Using Loox, you are able to automate the review process within minutes and start collecting user generated content for your Shopify store. To encourage customers to review their purchase, you can reward customers with a dollar off or a percentage discount.

With Loox Referrals, happy customers are encouraged to promote your brand to their friends and family. Completing a referral is simple — customers give a discount to get a discount. This means they will need to share their unique referral link with another potential customer. This potential customer will be given a discount to make their first purchase. Once they’ve completed their purchase, the person who referred them will receive their reward.

The Loox Reviews platform also integrates with:

How Andzen Can Help Loox Reviews Merchants

Having a strong customer review strategy in place is essential, especially for eCommerce businesses. Online reviews help businesses to build credibility and a sense of trust with new customers (and existing customers, too).

Using Loox Reviews, our team will craft a strategy to generate amazing photo and video reviews from customers (whether that be in a dedicated review flow, or within a post purchase series). Using personalised, emotive copy that speaks to your customers, our team will design emails that fit with your brand and make it as easy as possible for customers to share their thoughts and give their purchase a star rating.

The value in customer reviews is enormous, so providing an incentive to customers in exchange for a review is a great way to encourage feedback. Our talented Account Managers will work with you to decide on a reward value that fits within your profit margins — whether that be a dollar or percentage off discount.

User generated content (UGC) such as photos and videos are highly valuable and proven to dramatically boost conversion rates. Our team will weave this content into email campaigns and automations to drive social proof. For example, including positive customer reviews in a Nurture Series will build trust with new customers and motivate them to make their first purchase. Or, using relevant review content in an Abandoned Cart series will help to drive conversions. With these types of reviews being so valuable, our Account Managers can tailor your review strategy with Loox to offer a higher incentive for customers to add a photo or video to their review.

Happy customers could be the biggest untapped resource in your business. We will drive customer referrals by including unique referral links in relevant automations, such as a Post Purchase series. Our team will outline the instructions for customers to complete a referral and receive their reward.

If your eCommerce store already uses Loox Reviews, we will review your strategy and provide you with an updated plan to optimize your integrations and, most importantly, results. If you’re looking to switch to Loox Reviews, our team will facilitate the transition and integrate Loox with your email marketing platform and other relevant apps. Or, if you’re yet to get started with a review platform, our team will create a custom review strategy from scratch using Loox Reviews.

Our Loox Reviews Clients

Loox Reviews is a great platform to collect and display reviews from customers. We’ve created custom strategies for a number of different clients using Loox Reviews.

Our current clients who use Loox Reviews include:

Cheeky Chickadee

Loox Reviews FAQs

Loox Reviews is a platform that helps eCommerce businesses collect customer reviews, user generated content such as photos and videos, and product ratings. Loox also has a referral feature, so customers can introduce your brand to others.

Loox has a 14 day free trial that you can request. After this trial period, if you’d like to continue using Loox you will need to pay starting from $9.99 per month.

No, once a customer has submitted a review, this review cannot be edited. This helps to maintain the credibility of the app and transparency with customers.

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