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What Is Refersion?

How would you like to turn your average customers into brand advocates?

Refersion is an affiliate and influencer marketing platform for eCommerce stores. The platform helps merchants to recruit, track and pay affiliates and influencers — whether it be influencers, ambassadors or customers. It is designed to make performance marketing easy, helping its merchants to quickly create and launch their own promotion network.

Refersion customers get access to a network of qualified affiliates and publishers ready to market their products. With the platform, customers can promote their offer to more than 5000 potential partners.

Here are some of the features that make refersion so appealing for merchants:

  • The Refersion Affiliate Dashboards
    Brand affiliates get their own personalised dashboard where they can review performance, create custom links and run reports to better promote the store. You can integrate your Refersion account with your ecommerce platform so you can track all of the sales (conversions) that each of your affiliates bring in.
  • Turn Customers into Affiliates
    With Refersion, you can invite customers to join an affiliate marketing program and earn rewards with the Post Purchase widget.
  • Refersion Coupon Codes
    In addition to referral link tracking, Refersion offers conversion triggers that allow tracking across multiple platforms. Users can create unique coupon codes for affiliates to track affiliate sales which is particularly useful for platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. The Refersion x Shopify integration allows coupon codes to be automatically generated. Affiliates can pick their own coupon codes during registration and upon approval, the coupon code is instantly created in Shopify.
  • Product Level Commissions
    You can customise your affiliate marketing offer for specific products by offering a higher or lower commission incentive for different products and SKUs.

Customers of Referesion get automatic access to the Refersion Marketplace, an open network of affiliate partners who are looking to partner with merchants that helps you to:

  • Check out the competition
    Research how your offer stacks up against your competitors.
  • Test different offers
    Not all offers will attract the same affiliates so it is best practice to test out not only different commission rates but also the wording of your offer.
  • Pitch your brand
    Your offer page gives you the chance to connect with potential representatives on more than just a monetary level. Why should affiliates represent your brand? What are your core beliefs? An appeal to the emotional side can attract affiliates, too.
  • Maintain your reputation
    Nurturing your affiliates is important, so they feel respected and you get the most out of each one of them. This might include:

    • Creating an affiliates-only newsletter
    • Bumping up commission rates when they’re on hot-streaks
    • Being available for Q&A at regular intervals

How Andzen Can Help Refersion Merchants

With our expert team of strategists, creatives, and technical specialists, Andzen can help you drive significantly better results from your affiliate and influencer marketing strategy. As Klaviyo experts, Andzen knows how to reap all the benefits of the Refersion x Klaviyo integration. When the integration is set up the right way, every time a new affiliate is approved to join your program, the affiliate will be added automatically to a designated list in your Klaviyo account. This can be a powerful tool for automating email and SMS communications to your affiliates.

Once we have set up the integration with Klaviyo, we can help you:

  • Send branded, personalised welcome emails when new affiliates join your program
  • Send onboarding emails to help your affiliates learn more about your program, your brand and how to use their affiliate dashboard effectively
  • Send a monthly email campaign to keep affiliates engaged and informed
  • Send reminders to affiliates who have not completed their payment information
  • Send exclusive offers to affiliates for new products or special commission incentives
  • Automate email notifications when affiliates reach new bonus tier milestones

We can also help you to utilise refer-a-friend incentives through Refersion to entice disengaged customers to re-engage and place their next order — effectively turning lapsed customers into brand advocates.

Refersion integrates with many other key platforms including:

  • OneClickUpsell
  • Carthook
  • PayPal
  • ReCharge
  • Bold Recurring Order

Andzen can help take the guesswork out of your influencer and affiliate marketing strategy and help you craft a solution that drives more revenue for your business.

Pssst… ready to take your Refersion Marketing to the next level?

Want to know how Refersion can work for your business? Contact the Andzen team to see how we can create a custom affiliate and influencer marketing strategy for you!

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