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What Is Recharge?

Recharge is a subscription payment platform that helps eCommerce businesses easily set up recurring customer orders and generate recurring revenue.

Within minutes, you’re able to integrate Recharge with your email service provider, payment processor, and many other platforms in your tech stack.

Recharge integrates with apps and tools, such as:

Recharge helps you to build long-term relationships with customers by making product subscriptions a seamless experience for your shoppers.

Tropeaka with Recharge

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a crucial metric for eCommerce stores, and Recharge helps to increase CLV, whilst simultaneously building brand loyalty.

With many flexible options in the Recharge Customer Portal, customers are able to customize their subscriptions as necessary.

For example, they can edit the frequency in which they receive their recurring order, swap products, and add a one-time purchase to their recurring subscription.

These features help to enhance the customer experience, and give customers confidence when starting a subscription.

On the other end, with the Recharge Merchant Portal, eCommerce businesses are able to provide great customer support. This allows you to easily manage your customer’s subscriptions – for example creating a new subscription and pausing or cancelling an existing one.

Recharge’s analytics feature helps you to stay on top of your reporting and quickly access your important subscription information.

How Andzen Can Help Recharge Merchants

As a specialist customer journey agency our team understands the importance of CLV and repeat purchases. Using platforms such as Klaviyo and Recharge, we help our clients to drive more product subscriptions (and recurring revenue) through automated customer journeys.

The cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than the cost of retaining one. In fact, acquiring a new customer costs approximately five times as much. That’s why platforms like Recharge are such important tools for eCommerce stores who sell replenishable products.

We work with brands who sell skincare products, protein powders and supplements, cleaning formulas, food and beverages, and many other replenishable goods. We help our clients to conveniently ensure their customers never run out of their favorite products.

With Recharge, we’re able to enhance the customer buying experience by making the repurchasing process simple and intuitive for your shoppers.

Our team of experienced eCommerce Strategists will work with you to evaluate your store’s need for a subscription service, like Recharge.

From here, we’re able to integrate Recharge with your tech stack and use our knowledge and experience to make the most out of these integrations.

Recharge integrates with email service providers including Klaviyo and Mailchimp, which allows our team to use the data that’s passed between the platforms – and make for a seamless customer experience.


Yes, it can! Shopify is one of the eCommerce platforms that Recharge integrates with, along with BigCommerce.

Yes. It only takes a few minutes to integrate Recharge with Klaviyo. Once the integration is set up, Recharge will pass recent data to Klaviyo including when a subscription is started, cancelled, or expired.

Recharge is a great tool for eCommerce businesses who have replenishable products that customers are likely to repurchase. Setting up product subscriptions is a great way to increase repeat purchase, however a subscription service doesn’t suit all eCommerce businesses. For example, clothing stores are unlikely to require this.

Our Recharge Clients

The team at Andzen has experience using Recharge for a number of clients, including:

Mr Pool Man

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