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Influencer Marketing with Gatsby

What is Gatsby?


Looking to scale and automate your influencer marketing program?

Gatsby allows merchants to recruit an army of micro-influencers to promote their products online. What makes the platform work so well, is that it allows you to recruit influencers who are already a fan of your brand. You can even integrate Gatsby with other tools (such as Klaviyo) to automate your ambassador marketing and Shopify influencer marketing program, at scale.

In a nutshell, Gatsby will add an extra field to your data capture forms — to capture your customer’s Instagram and TikTok handles. You can then immediately see important information about your subscriber’s social profiles (things like their follower count).

Gatsby reports that around 20% of customers who fill out your email pop-up forms will opt to give you their Instagram handle as well. And a significant amount of those people will have 1,000 followers or more.

By integrating the Gatsby influencer platform with Klaviyo you are able to unlock a range of flows that automate your influencer outreach, UGC, and rewards for customers taking certain actions.

You can also track every time your subscribers @mention you in their posts online. This allows you to set triggers in Klaviyo and create seamless flows that automate your influencer relationships.

Gatsby integrates with a wide range of other tech platforms to drive results for merchants. Some of the common Gatsby integrations include Klaviyo (for email and SMS marketing), Gorgias (for customer support), Justuno (for data capture forms), and, of course, Shopify (for selling products online).

With 4.8 Billion people using social media worldwide, influencer marketing is sure to continue becoming more impactful for merchants. Would you like to know who your most social customers are?

Gatsby Klaviyo Flow

How Can Andzen Help Gatsby Merchants?

Here at Andzen, we help our clients to scale their community and automate their influencer marketing, using Gatsby — integrated with other platforms such as Klaviyo.

Working with clients such as Moana Bikini we have our team of in-house strategists, creatives, and technical experts lead thousands of micro-influencers and brand ambassadors through automated customer journeys.

It all starts with collecting Instagram handles. These automatically flow into our clients’ Gatsby and Klaviyo accounts — along with all publicly available insights on that person. This includes their Instagram and TikTok bio and follower count etc.

Next, we help our clients to segment and group their customers by their level of influence. For example, this could be:

  • People with less than 1000 followers
  • People with 1000 – 5000 followers
  • And people with 5000 followers or more

We can then automatically generate Shopify coupon codes that allow us to track every dollar that a specific influencer drives back to our client’s business.

We can also encourage each Gatsby influencer to share their purchases and incentivize them with rewards to post more about your brand. These are all managed by automated triggers inside of Klaviyo. This can be customized by things such as:

  • Different levels of discounting for larger influencers
  • Friendly reminder emails to encourage action
  • And gratitude emails to thank them for taking certain actions

Again, this can all be built to be triggered based on the individual influencers’ actions on social media. Pretty cool, right?

This is just scratching the surface of what’s possible in the world of influencer marketing with Gatsby and the wide range of integrations available.

Interested in Automating Your Influencer Marketing and Ambassador Programs?

Unlike specialist influencer marketing agencies, we take a broader approach to ensure your influencer marketing is complimenting the other areas of your customer journey. Reach out to the Andzen team today for a complimentary chat about your specific business model and commercial needs. Honestly, there’s no pressure — we’re happy to chat and give you our transparent feedback on how you can best grow your business!

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