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What Is is a popular loyalty program platform for eCommerce brands. It helps brands to build loyalty amongst their customer base by encouraging interaction and rewarding customers for their purchases and other desired actions. Loyalty marketing programs help to enhance the customer experience, and makes it possible.

The program is split into three main sections; points, VIP, and referrals. This setup makes creating a loyalty program from the ground up a simple to follow process.

What Are Loyalty Points?

Customer loyalty can be established in a number of ways — through making a purchase followed by repeat purchases over a period of time, to engaging with your brand on social media. Having a Shopify loyalty program with a points system in place is the best way to encourage these actions and reward your customers. also integrates with other eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce.

Using the loyalty program platform, customers can earn points in the following ways:

  • Creating an account
  • Making a purchase
  • Following social media accounts
  • Sharing a post on social media
  • Celebrating a birthday
  • And more! is very customizable and you are able to set the number of points that a customer will earn through completing each of these actions.

Customers will also be able to redeem points for rewards. These rewards can include:

  • A dollar off discount
  • A percentage off discount
  • Free shipping
  • A free gift with purchase
  • Or exclusive access to a product testing Facebook group has many customizable features, meaning you can name your points to suit your branding. You can also add expiry times so that customers are encouraged to redeem their points within a certain timeframe. ‘Rate limiting’ means you can limit how often a customer can earn points for completing a certain action (such as sharing a social media post). ‘Earning conditions’ mean you are able to customize your loyalty program and decide how certain audiences can earn points.

What Are VIP Loyalty Tiers? has the ability to set up tiers, so your loyalty program and its members have room to grow. By setting up VIP tiers, customers are encouraged to complete more actions to earn enough points to get to the next level. This is a great way to “gamify” the entire process.

You can reward your customers for their loyalty with tier entry rewards including (but not limited to) a dollar or percentage discount. You are also able to set different points earning rates for each VIP tier. This acts as a way to motivate customers to reach the next level whilst rewarding them for their achievements.

With, you are also able to set the ‘milestone duration’ meaning that in order to maintain their VIP status, customers must keep up their purchasing and brand interaction habits.

What Are Referrals?

One way to measure brand loyalty is by how likely a customer is to tell a friend, work colleague or family member about the brand.

With the referral feature, customers are able to get rewarded for introducing your brand to a potential customer. will generate a unique referral link for customers to use, and you are able to set the incentive value for the potential customer.

Once the potential customer has made a purchase, the customer who referred them will receive a reward. You are able to decide what this reward will be (whether it’s a dollar discount, free shipping, etc).

How Andzen Can Help Merchants?

Customer loyalty is developed through a series of positive brand interactions — whether that be through making a purchase, opening emails, or liking social content. When customers are rewarded for their behaviours, customer loyalty is strengthened, and the average customer can be turned into a brand advocate. This is why having a strong loyalty marketing strategy in place is so powerful.

The Andzen team can work with you to strengthen and optimize your existing loyalty marketing strategy with Our loyalty marketing strategists can also create a brand new strategy for your business if a loyalty program is yet to be implemented.

To ensure your loyalty program with meets your profit margins, we will work on finding your ideal points-per-dollars-spent ratio. This is to ensure that while customers engage with the program, the program runs at a profit.

We will integrate with your Email Service Provider (ESP) and make the most out of this integration — by creating email automations that reach customers at key points in their loyalty program journey.

These email automations could include:

  • Letting customers know when they are close to earning a reward
  • Reminding customers that they have points to spend
  • Advising customers when they’re nearing the next VIP tier
  • Congratulating customers on reaching a new VIP tier

Our team can also design a sign-up block and program it to show conditionally to non-members in emails sent to your customers. We can also dynamically display members’ points balances in the emails to encourage them to continue engaging with the program and earning more points.

We can also send out email campaigns to educate customers on the program, including:

  • Loyalty program launch (to all subscribers)
  • Loyalty program education / reminders (to non-loyalty members)

With audience segmentation, our team is able to give VIP loyalty members additional perks through email campaigns. We will tailor these benefits to your store, which could include:

  • Early access to sales
  • Exclusive member only sales
  • Sneak peaks at new products
  • Behind the scenes access

These additional member benefits keep your audience engaged, create excitement around the program, and encourage customers to sign up.

Our team is experienced in loyalty marketing using, and will work with you to create an engaging experience for your customers, and drive higher ROI for your store.

Our Clients

The team at Andzen has experience using for a number of clients, including:

Cheeky Chickadee
Little Party Dress
World Fitness
Nutrition Kitchen

Our Case Studies

By creating and implementing loyalty strategies using, we’ve seen great results for our clients. We’ve created loyalty programs in many different niches. Explore some of our case studies below to see the results that are possible for your brand too!

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