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Email Marketing for BigCommerce

Email Marketing for BigCommerce Stores

BigCommerce is a hosted platform that allows merchants to set up and run eCommerce stores. From designing the look of the store, to setting up products and discount codes, BigCommerce gives merchants the capability to run their business online. 

The platform is equipped with a range of built-in tools, making it a great choice for larger stores. These tools mean that large inventories are easy for the platform to handle. 

With numerous integrations available, including Klaviyo, Justuno, and Trustpilot, BigCommerce powers your store to connect with customers. 

BigCommerce has a multi-storefront feature, allowing you to set up numerous stores and easily switch between accounts (with only one log-in needed). 

Its flexible APIs mean that you can connect with other platforms, and customize them to suit your store. For example, the Checkout API means you can customize the checkout process to suit your customers. 

With cross-channel commerce available, BigCommerce allows you to integrate your store with and sell on platforms including Amazon, Google Shopping and eBay. 

BigCommerce offers numerous SEO features, including optimized URLS (for product pages etc) and unique URLS (so there’s no duplicate content that negatively affects your SEO rating). Other SEO features on offer include Microdata, CDN, and 301 redirects and URL rewrites (so you don’t need to worry about rewriting a URL when you change a product name). 

With design templates available, setting up a BigCommerce store is made simple for smaller businesses who may not have access to graphic designers or web developers. Bigger stores can also take advantage of the templates, and tweak them to suit their brand.

Marketing For BigCommerce

As specialists in the customer journey, our team understands the value in customer behaviour – particularly their purchasing habits. We integrate BigCommerce with your email marketing platform (and can recommend a new platform that suits your store’s needs if required). 

We use the information that’s sent between BigCommerce and your email marketing platform to set up email automations that enhance the customer journey by delivering a personalized experience. 

A valuable automation to have in place is a Post Purchase series, which gives customers a personalized experience after placing an order. Our Account Managers will evaluate your customer’s purchasing behaviour and craft the best strategy to suit your customers. 

For customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while, we’re able to craft a Lapsed Customer strategy that re-engages these customers and encourages them to make a purchase. For customers who haven’t made a purchase for an extended period of time, and haven’t engaged with emails, we are able to add these customers to a suppression list. 

After reviewing your product catalog, our Account Managers are able to evaluate the need for an automation specifically targeted at reminding customers to repurchase their product at the right time. 

BigCommerce also integrates with a number of SMS marketing platforms, including Klaviyo, Attentive, and SMSbump. Our team can incorporate SMS marketing into your current strategy, or revise an existing strategy to maximise ROI. 

Our team will review your integrations with BigCommerce and make sure they are being used in the optimal way. We ultimately help BigCommerce merchants to improve their customer journey.

Email Marketing

BigCommerce FAQs

BigCommerce integrates with leading email marketing platforms including Klaviyo. However, on BigCommerce Plus plans, you gain access to setting up abandoned cart reminders.

Yes, it does! Mailchimp is one of the numerous email marketing platforms that BigCommerce integrates with.

BigCommerce integrates with email marketing platforms including Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Dotdigital, popup and form builders like Justuno, review platforms including Yotpo, and loyalty programs such as, plus many more.

You can search BigCommerce’s integrations list here:

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