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What Is is a review platform built around the philosophy of fair pricing, no long contracts and industry-leading features for everyone. Their reviews solution puts their clients at the heart of everything they do, to help businesses grow their online reputation. is consistently the highest created review solution on G2 crowd, used by over 8000 e-commerce stores. customers see an uplift of conversion within a few weeks.

Some key features of

Google Seller Ratings
Working with a Google-licensed review partner is the only way to be eligible for Google Seller Ratings and review stars on your PPC ads. Stars and ratings in ads mean more clicks at less cost. A genuine review next to a product description can make all the difference and showing review stars at every step of your customers’ journey reinforces trust in your brand and products.

Reputation Management gives you the ability to collect, publish and reply to reviews across Facebook, Google My Business, and other third party sites with their Reputation Management reviews solution. Because online reviews can come from anywhere, if they’re unverified, they can damage your reputation. gives you the ability to create more consistency between Seller ratings and other star ratings in Google listings to keep customer trust strong.

Review Adverts provides customers with the tools to transform customer reviews, photos and videos into social and display ads to boost brand awareness and re-engage shoppers.

Merchant Metrics
Turn reviews into actionable insights with’s advanced linguistic AI that uses customer feedback to pin-point exactly what businesses could do better. With the Merchant Metrics feature, you can track things like delivery method satisfaction, customer service response times or refund procedures, for example. This feature gives you detailed analysis of what customers say about specific areas of your business, showing you exactly what they love and what you could improve on.

Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score measures your customer loyalty using 2 simple questions:

“How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”
“What is the most important reason for your score?”

By measuring customer loyalty over customer satisfaction, you are looking to the future rather than the past. Ascertaining whether a customer was satisfied with the product or service they received is not sufficient for finding out whether they would recommend you in the future. NPS solves this problem. is a licensed NPS provider and is now available in all packages. This allows customers to gather loyalty data at the same time as reviews. helps its customers to collect more reviews by making the review-writing process simple and straightforward. Customers don’t need to create an account or log in, and all reviews are verified automatically during the invitation process. Advanced features like in-email review collection reduces the steps required to create a review, meaning customers benefit from the best review conversion rates. Establishing social proof through a reviews strategy is essential for business growth in ecommerce. Steadyrack

With, you can reap SEO benefits with star ratings on your product/s search results and improve trust in the products you sell with questions and answers. The product review widget is completely customisable with four main elements to mix and match to fit your requirements: Company & Product Reviews, Q&A and Instagram.’s Google integration gives customers review stars in Ads, Organic Search, Shopping & Maps, helping them to stand out against competitors online.

Verified reviews will remain on your account while they adhere to the customer review guidelines. will work with their customers to resolve any factually-incorrect reviews or any review content issues.

How Andzen Can Help Merchants

Customers trust online reviews and on average, read about 10 reviews before deciding whether to make a purchase. Andzen is able to create robust reviews strategies that incorporate all of the features of for our clients. And because collates all of your reviews from all of your platforms, we make your reviews work for you. We can help you create a reviews strategy that helps you drive more traffic to your website, improve review conversion rates, and establish social proof.

Andzen helps our clients get the most out of their reviews, by crafting multi-faceted reviews strategies. This might include:

Review Request Automations
Andzen can help you set up automations that trigger when a customer “qualifies” to leave a review. This means you’ll never miss an opportunity to collect a review from a customer, at the right time.

Post Purchase Series
Incorporating review requests as part of a Post Purchase series is an effective way to collect reviews while the customer is still basking in the glory of their recent purchase. Get them while they’re hot!

Nurture Series
A reviews strategy in your Post Purchase series can even feed into your Nurture Series, by collecting reviews and featuring them in your welcome emails, acting as social proof to encourage a first purchase.

Abandoned Cart Series
Incorporating reviews into an Abandoned Cart series is a powerful way to influence a purchase. For example, saying to the customer “Still have trouble deciding? Don’t take our word for it, take theirs!” instead of just your standard cart reminder. This provides customers with more value, more information and thereby strengthens their trust in the brand. It might just be the thing to push them across the line.

We can take the guesswork out of crafting your reviews strategy and put you in the best position to develop your brand’s credibility and establish trust in your products. integrates with many key platforms including:


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Andzen has put together a reviews strategy using with bike rack retailer, Steadyrack. Reach out to us to find out how we can improve your reviews strategy using


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