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What Is Postscript?

Postscript is an SMS marketing platform that is deeply integrated with the Shopify ecosystem. If your store runs out of Shopify, then Postscript is a great option for you!

Postscript makes SMS for ecommerce easy. Build your subscriber list with Postscript’s TCPA compliant tools. Using Postscript SMS can help to collect subscribers not only at checkout, but on landing pages, using mobile pop-ups, QR codes, and other integration partners.

Postscript can integrate with numerous different platforms including:


With Postscript, you can automate your SMS text marketing. Automatically send SMS marketing based on customer actions and store data. With automation, follow up on new purchases, abandoned shopping carts, lapsed customers, and more triggers.

Tip: To create an engaging text message with Postscript add in some images or GIFs to each automation! This will create an MMS that costs 3 credits on the Klaviyo platform but enables you to send up to 1600 characters worth of text.

Not only can Postscript SMS do automations, but it can also be used for campaigns. Use Postscript text messaging for product launches, special offers, company news, important events, and flash sales. Postscript SMS makes bringing traffic to your site during the most crucial times a breeze.

Postscript Dashboard

Based on a customer’s history in your Shopify store, Postscript can segment them accordingly. Look to target what customers bought, how much they spent, where they came from, how much they’ve purchased, and more.

Create a unique two-way conversation with customers through Postscript text. You can answer any questions, handle customer support, or close sales via chat. Forward communications to your support email and manage everything in one place. Within the Postscript dashboard, use Responses to view all of the texts that your subscribers have sent you and to reply to them if you wish. This is where you can forward your communications from Postscript to email.

Postscript also allows for purchases through SMS with the introduction of Postscript Pay. Postscript is the first and only SMS marketing platform to do this.

Offering flexible pricing and no hidden fees, Postscript is a great addition to any Shopify store. All pricing includes: Free inbound messages, all carrier fees, and a unique toll free number. For an additional fee, your store can even lease a unique short code.

How Andzen Can Help Postscript Merchants

Postscript SMS

Here at Andzen, we want to make sure that you and your customers have the best experience possible. We will help to create your Postscript Shopify integration seamlessly then will use it to set up multiple campaigns, automations, and more.

Postscript SMS’ list growth opportunities are stellar, and our team wants to make sure you utilize them to the fullest. We can import already created lists into Postscript from your existing data for a smooth transition.

Let us do the hard work for you. We can set up your campaigns for any big events like Black Friday, Boxing Day, or Christmas. We can also create campaigns for new products, important dates, and flash sales. Our team can also set up automations within the platform and make sure that your Postscript SMS is getting to the customers who need it most.

Andzen will also help to create your segments within Postscript. Let us determine what your customers’ behaviours are, and tailor segments that are best suited to your eCommerce business. Postscript is not a one-plan-fits-all text messaging platform, and Andzen is not a one-plan-fits-all agency. We make sure each piece of content is made especially for your brand’s needs.

Not sure if what you want done with Postscript is possible? Our team of Account Managers, Digital Producers and Developers will work with you and the team at Postscript to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our Postscript Case Studies

Black Friday is always one of the biggest sales of the year. 2020 was a difficult year for businesses following the COVID-19 outbreak, but with Little Party Dress we were able to really ramp up their sales dramatically with Postscript SMS despite the challenges.

LPD Make It Rain Using SMS Data Capture For Black Friday

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