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Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Our Email Campaign Services

Email campaigns are an effective way to diversify your marketing mix, reach customers, and encourage repeat purchases. 

Andzen started out as an email service provider, and with over 10 years of experience in email marketing, that’s our unfair advantage.

We offer email campaign services including campaign management, creating campaigns designed specifically for your brand and its target audience. 

Our Account Managers will work with you to review your existing product catalog, sale products, and upcoming releases to create a calendar of email campaigns that keeps your campaigns looking fresh, and your subscribers engaged.

We make sure that every email we create hits the mark, from copy that fits seamlessly with your brand’s tone, designs that bring the words to life, to building the campaigns with care to ensure each email is optimized for all recipients.  

We also review your database to ensure we’re sending the right offers to the right subscribers. 

Our goal is to keep your engagement rates high, bring lapsed customers back into the fold, and remove old email addresses that could negatively affect your deliverability. 

We can create a number of different types of email marketing campaigns for your brand, including:

  • Product hype campaigns (pre-launch emails)
  • Product launches
  • Product highlights
  • Sales announcements and reminders
  • General back in stock campaigns
  • Content-based campaigns (newsletter or a new blog) 
  • Loyalty program launch / education
  • General announcements and more

With A/B testing, we’re able to trial different content and send times to test what your audience responds well to, and what generates revenue. 

Our team then analyzes the results to see what types of campaigns and content works best for your ecommerce business and its customers.

What are Email Campaigns?

Email campaigns are individual emails sent out to a target audience, designed with one specific purpose in mind. 

This purpose could be launching a new product collection, announcing a sale, or communicating a new change within a business. 

Email campaigns are a great opportunity to build on your brand, create relationships with your customers, and drive revenue. 

Sending email campaigns regularly is a great way to keep your audience engaged and up-to-date with new products, and of course, encourage them to make a purchase. 

It’s important to keep the goal of a campaign front of mind, using clear CTAs to direct customers over to your website to achieve the intention of the campaign – whether it’s signing up for a presale, purchasing a new product, or reading a blog.

Our team works together to create campaigns that resonate with your target audience, driving great results for your brand.

Creating Email Campaigns That Convert

Email Marketing

Anyone can create an email campaign – it’s knowing how to create a successful email campaign that makes the difference. This is where we come in! 

We’re experts in email marketing, meaning we’ve had over ten years of experience creating email campaigns that convert, and we’re constantly working to improve. 

Our team works to produce successful email marketing campaigns from start to finish – from coming up with the ideas to hitting send. 

We write copy that speaks to your customers, and design great looking emails that elevate your brand and encourage customers to convert. 

Our process means that each campaign has gone through numerous stages of creation and fine-tuning, from the Account Manager, the Copywriter, the Graphic Designer, to the Digital Producer.

How Andzen Can Help

We are the FIRST Klaviyo Elite Master Partner (the exclusive top tier) in APAC and FIFTH in the world.

Klaviyo Master Elite

We have experienced and qualified staff who are:

  • Klaviyo Master Elite Certified
  • Shopify Plus Marketing Partner Certified
  • Postscript Certified
  • Okendo Certified
  • JustUno Certified
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Our team’s extensive knowledge of these platforms, among a list of others, puts us a step ahead as we get the most out of their capabilities and integrations to create strategies that drive results.

Andzen started as an Email Service Provider (ESP), and when we sold that company, it made sense to use our skills in email marketing to our (unfair) advantage. 

The customer journey is our niche, and as such we are able to analyze, create and implement email marketing campaigns and strategies with lifecycle marketing at the forefront. 

We are strategically and financially minded, driven by results to get the best outcome for your ecommerce business. 

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, from traditional and digital marketing, advertising, to analytics. 

Our combined skills and experience mean we’re able to craft strategies that are tailored to your ecommerce store and its customers – because no two stores fit the same mould. 

Check out our case studies to find out how we’ve helped other ecommerce businesses get great results.

Our Capabilities

Our team works with a number of platforms to get great results for our clients. With knowledge and experience, we’re able to create engaging email campaigns using the systems below: 

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Email Campaign FAQs

How should email campaigns be structured?

There’s no set rule to how an email campaign should be structured, but here are a few of our tips to create campaigns that convert. 

  • A subject line that compels people to open the email
  • An engaging hero image with a CTA
  • A snappy headline that makes customers want to read more
  • A personalised welcome 
  • Easy-to-read content 
  • Product feed or images
  • Strong CTAs

What types of email campaigns should I use?

There are countless types of email campaigns that you can use, but it’s important to know which ones work best for your brand. 

Each campaign needs to serve a purpose, fit in with your marketing strategy, and resonate with your target audience. 

A few types of campaigns you can incorporate into your email marketing strategy include:

  • Product hype campaigns (pre-launch emails)
  • Product launches
  • Sales announcements / reminders
  • General back in stock campaigns
  • Content-based (newsletter or a new blog) 
  • Announcements 

When is the best time to begin email campaigns?

The first thing to do is outline what your goals are for sending campaigns, then from here, build your send list.

Without an audience and a send list, your campaigns don’t serve much of a purpose. Once you’ve done these things, you can begin putting together your first campaign.

What does bounce rate mean in an email campaign?

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of recipients your email was not delivered to successfully.

This could be due to the email addresses being invalid (hard bounce), or there being a technical issue with the customer’s email provider (soft bounce).

Your bounce rate can be improved by removing invalid email addresses from your send list.

How can my return on investment be calculated?

To calculate return on investment (ROI), use the formula (Gain-Spent)/Spent = ROI. 

Start by calculating how much you spend on email marketing. Then, calculate the revenue (gain) that the emails are bringing in.

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