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How MedCart Transformed Their Customer Journey With The Marketplacer x Klaviyo Integration



MedCart was established in 2020 after the COVID-19 crisis prompted founder Phil Leahy to create an online marketplace for much needed medical equipment, PPE, and healthcare products. Before the global pandemic, this type of marketplace did not exist, so now MedCart provides businesses as well as the public with easy access to medical supplies all in one place.


Marketplacer is an eCommerce platform that allows businesses to create all different types of online marketplaces. With demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at an all-time high due to the global pandemic, MedCart was established. MedCart had already built a solid customer base, selling PPE to a range of customers as well as  businesses — using Marketplacer to power their online store and email marketing.

However, while Marketplacer is an excellent platform for selling products from multiple brands in one place online, there are limitations when it comes to design and personalization of emails. Marketplacer doesn’t offer the ability to build complex email automations. The capability of dynamic blocks are limited — for example, a Marketplacer Abandoned Cart email can only show one item in a customer’s cart. 

This is where Andzen comes in. We saw an opportunity to drive more revenue and create a better experience for customers, by integrating MedCart’s Marketplacer with Klaviyo. Not only would this allow for us to create more in-depth email marketing strategies and design more visually appealing emails for MedCart, but it would also give us the opportunity to create automations that include custom-coded blocks to allow for further personalization. Something the standard Marketplacer x Klaviyo integration is unable to achieve.


To take MedCart’s email marketing to the next level, we created a comprehensive strategy using the Klaviyo integration to establish the following automations:

  • Data Capture Series (3 x forms)
  • Nurture Series (6 x emails)
  • Abandoned Cart Series (7 x emails)
  • Post Purchase Series (4 x emails)

This allowed us to turn their standard transaction-style emails into beautifully-designed, on-brand customer journey touchpoints. We then created custom-coded blocks within the Marketplacer x Klaviyo integration to allow for a more personalised experience. 

Two email automations in particular have proven highly effective. 

  1. Abandoned Cart Series:
    As mentioned previously, the standard integration between Marketplacer and Klaviyo was limited in displaying dynamic content. A customer previously would only be shown one item that they left in their cart. To improve conversion and make the experience more user-friendly we  created a custom-coded block to pull in all abandoned products.
  2. Post Purchase Series:
    Similarly to an Abandoned Cart series, the integration would not allow all recently purchased products to display dynamically in emails. A Post Purchase series is a vital touchpoint in the customer journey, as it thanks customers for their recent purchase, and primes them for their next one. Our custom-coded block allowed us to create an effective Post Purchase experience for MedCart’s customers. By pulling in recent purchase behaviour, it allowed us to encourage customers to review their purchase, repurchase products, and cross-sell new ones. By creating these flows in Klaviyo, we were able to add in appropriate time delays between emails, so customers received them at the right time — something that isn’t possible within Marketplacer.

The Marketplacer x Klaviyo integration also provides more comprehensive insights into customer behaviour, allowing for more accurate reporting. 




By integrating MedCart’s Marketplacer with Klaviyo and creating custom-coded dynamic blocks, we were able to not only create a better customer experience (and better looking emails) but achieve better results. 

Abandoned Cart Series
Our latest report showed that MedCart’s results were above all Klaviyo benchmarks (including Open Rate, Click Rate, Order Rate, and Revenue Per Recipient). In particular, the Order Rate was 61.23% above the benchmark. 

Nurture Series
We achieved some great results for MedCart’s Nurture Series, with the standout being a Series Conversion Rate of over 25%. 


Before (Marketplacer Email)

After (Klaviyo Email)


Medical Supplies

Marketplacer, Klaviyo

Significantly improve MedCart’s customer experience and email ROI by using Klaviyo’s powerful flow engine to implement  Data Capture, Nurture Series, Abandoned Cart and Post Purchase flows targeted to new or returning customers

Integrate MedCart’s Marketplacer with Klaviyo and design emails with custom-coded blocks to deliver a more personalized customer journey

A Nurture Series Conversion Rate of 25%.