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Club LPD Members Shop Up a Storm With Early Access to BFCM 2021

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Little Party Dress is a fun and vibrant online boutique that specializes in clothing that makes their customers feel fabulous. LPD puts their signature twist on styles (hello, pockets!) to make the wearer feel comfortable and most of all, confident.


Loyalty programs can be a powerful revenue-generator for brands. From increasing customer lifetime value by encouraging repeat purchases, creating an engaged customer base that shares your brand with others to, of course, building customer loyalty. Increasing customer retention by 5% is proven to increase your profits anywhere between 25% and 95%. Implementing a loyalty program will help you to achieve better numbers, while rewarding your customers for their efforts. 

The difference between creating a standard loyalty program and an engaging loyalty program will have even bigger benefits. By this, we mean going beyond the basic “level 1, level 2, level 3” set up with a generic “you’ve earned 10 points” system. Creating a fun and engaging experience for your customers will motivate them to come back time and time again. Not only will this make your rewards program more enticing, but it will also open the door for your creative team. 

We’ve had the opportunity to implement loyalty programs for a number of brands, including Little Party Dress. As LPD is such a vibrant brand, we identified the opportunity to create a loyalty program that not only matched their brand identity, but elevated it.


Little Party Dress is a vibrant, fun, and high-energy brand with the customers to match. Their clothes are designed to make the wearer feel fabulous, comfortable, and confident. So we wanted to create a loyalty program that not only matched the look and feel of the brand, but took it to the next level. Enter, Club LPD. 

Club LPD is Little Party Dress’ loyalty program. However, we didn’t want it to be just any old loyalty program, we wanted customers to imagine Club LPD as an actual place… the hottest club in town. Club LPD is a four-level mega nightclub consisting of: 

Level 1: The Guest List
Level 2: The Dance Floor
Level 3: The Rooftop Bar
Level 4: The VIP Lounge

Like any exclusive nightclub, guests must be on the Guest List to enter. So this is where our customers begin their journey in Club LPD. By imagining Club LPD as a physical place (rather than a program) this opened up the door for our team of designers and copywriters to bring Club LPD to life. 

Club LPD hones in on Little Party Dress’ sense of fun, excitement and being the life of the party. With messaging of exclusivity, members of Club LPD are encouraged to interact with the program, and get rewarded for doing so. For major events such as Black Friday, Club LPD members are given early sale access. As part of LPD’s BFCM 2021 email and SMS marketing strategy, we saw the opportunity to further promote a sense of exclusivity with Club LPD, and encourage further engagement within the program. We opted to stagger early sale access for Club LPD members, depending on their level, to drive a sense of urgency to shop. Customers in the top loyalty tier (the VIP Lounge) were given access 24 hours before members of the lowest two tiers. 

black friday email example


The numbers are in… Creating fun, engaging loyalty programs that help to build on a brand’s personality will in turn increase participation within the program and boost campaign results. Currently, Club LPD has a whopping 66,876 members. Of the members who have made at least 1 purchase over all time, 43.01% have made 7 or more purchases. 

With Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 a highly anticipated event in the eCommerce space, we expected Club LPD members to respond well to their early access times. As we anticipated, the higher the loyalty tier, the better the results. Here’s a summary of the results we saw for Club LPD members in the BFCM Early Access Campaign: 

Loyalty Tier Open Rate
Klaviyo Benchmark = 18.12%
AOV Conversion Rate
Klaviyo Benchmark = 0.11%
Guest List
(level 1)
26.8% 2.74%
Dance Floor
(level 2)
50.8% +5.34% 

(from Guest List)

Rooftop Bar
(level 3)
56.5% +28.49%
(from Dance Floor)
VIP Lounge
(level 4)
60.4% +30.10%
(from Rooftop Bar)

Note: The Klaviyo benchmarks listed in the table above are for email campaign performance for the apparel and accessories industries. Club LPD members significantly exceeded the benchmarks in each of these categories where the benchmark applies.


Shopify Plus, Klaviyo,

Reward LPD’s loyal customer base and encourage new customers to make repeat purchases

Implement an engaging loyalty program for LPD and use this to drive results for BFCM 2021

– 66,876 loyalty program members
BFCM Early Access email campaign results (for top tier loyalty members):
– 60.4% open rate
– 20.31% Conversion Rate


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