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Andzen’s Klaviyo Fundamentals Package Helps Merchants Get Results


Greenskin Wine is the outdoor adventurer’s solution to enjoying wine anywhere, anytime (minus the glass). Greenskin Wine is a 100% recyclable and resealable wine pouch, created by avid sailors and wine lovers, Mike and Kim. Each wine is hand chosen (and taste tested) by the team, and packed in small batches. Greenskin Wine not only focuses on glass-free products, but also on being kinder to the environment. Greenskin Wine pouches take less energy to produce and less carbon emissions to transport compared to a standard bottle of wine. The wine pouch itself is also 100% recyclable.


At the time we began working with Greenskin Wine, they had already established a solid customer base. However, they had the opportunity to improve their email marketing, customer retention, and overall customer journey. 

Andzen’s Fundamentals Packages are designed to help smaller eCommerce businesses get the most out of their Klaviyo account by implementing key automations. These touchpoints include:

  • Data Capture Series (2 x forms)
  • Nurture Series (4 x emails)
  • Abandoned Cart Series (3 x emails)
  • Post Purchase Series (3 x emails)
  • Review Series (3 x emails)
  • ReCharge Automation (1 x email)
  • SMS Launch (8 x SMS)

In a nutshell, these automations each follow a best practice flow and email structure. Our copywriters have provided the initial copy for the emails, and tailor this copy to suit the client’s voice and tone. Our team of designers then create the emails (and Data Capture forms) to reflect the brand’s style. These Journey Templates are suited to newer or smaller clients who (like Greenskin Wine) are looking to improve their current automations, or implement additional touchpoints to focus on increasing customer lifetime value. These best practice automations come with the benefits you can expect from working with one of Klaviyo’s Elite Master Partners. 


As specialists in the niche of customer journeys, we identified the following  as the top four automations for Greenskin Wine to have in place:

  1. Data Capture Forms
  2. Nurture Series
  3. Abandoned Cart Series
  4. Post Purchase Series 

Data Capture and Nurture Series work hand-in-hand with turning onsite visitors into subscribers, then first time purchasers, and eventually loyal customers. For Greenskin Wine, this was an essential first step to take to improve their existing customer journey. 

Data Capture Forms for Greenskin Wine by Andzen


An Abandoned Cart Series is another essential touchpoint to have in place. Without a strong Abandoned Cart Series, eCommerce merchants are letting potential conversions slip through the cracks. For Greenskin Wine, the 3-step Abandoned Cart Series was a great way to push customers to the checkout, while showcasing great user generated content. 


Finally, we implemented a three-part Post Purchase Series. Email one thanks customers for their purchase, then a second well-timed email is triggered when the customer might be needing to make their next purchase. Lastly, an incentive is provided to customers who are still yet to place their next order. A Post Purchase Series is an effective way to check in with customers, tell them more about your brand, and prime them for their next purchase. 

Post Purchase Email Hero Image


For Greenskin Wine’s three automations, we were able to achieve results* above the Klaviyo benchmarks by industry. 

Nurture Series:

  • Average open rate = 4.46% above the benchmark
  • Average click rate = 15.5% above the benchmark
  • Average placed order rate = 354% above the benchmark


Abandoned Cart Series:

  • Average open rate = 18% above the benchmark
  • Average click rate = 86.65% above the benchmark
  • Average placed order rate = 59.5% above the benchmark


Post Purchase Series:

  • Average open rate = 2.5% above the benchmark
  • Average click rate = 74.42% above the benchmark
  • Average placed order rate = 13.2% above the benchmark


*results taken from a 30 day period. 

Food and beverage industry

Shopify & Klaviyo

Improve Greenskin Wine’s current email marketing strategy to improve customer retention

Implement Andzen’s Customer Journey package to increase conversions at multiple stages of the funnel

All above the Klaviyo industry benchmarks


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