WRAP UP: Ecommerce Marketing Mastery, round 2

Another awesome event at Andzen HQ! Download the slides here!  

Our second Ecommerce Marketing Mastery session was a great success, and we’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who came along! (If you’d like to be notified of future events, join the Meetup group!) 

Last night’s focus was on advanced tactics and strategies for established online businesses to boost their Customer Lifetime Value. More specifically, their:

  • Average order value,
  • Their average order frequency, and
  • How long they stay with you as customers.

Over the night, we looked at different ways to bolster all of these elements. We had a lot of great insights from some top talent in Brisbane’s thriving ecommerce industry.  Here’s the rundown:

First up: our own resident expert, Jason Anderson.

Jason gave us some awesome tips on ways to use email automation to engage and delight your customers. By setting up flows to send timely, relevant updates at different stages of the customer’s journey with your brand, you can increase sales, engage customers, and reward them for taking profitable actions.

Next we had digital marketer extraordinaire Kahlee Andrews: Managing Director at Devote Digital, and Head of Marketing at Adreno. For a change of pace, Kahlee put together an awesome presentation on some of the steps we should all be taking before focusing on our Customer Lifetime Value. I.e: catching and converting more leads in ways that will set you up for long, prosperous relationships in the future.  

Plus, there was some great advice on ways we should all be working to give our businesses the best chance of success. Namely, sticking to our guns and persevering with the strategies we implement, rather than changing tactics the minute we think we see a delay in success. As Kahlee succinctly put it: “Digital is like going to the gym: consistency over intensity.

Last, but certainly not least, Josh Bitossi, Launch Engineer at Shopify and software guru, showed us some truly data-driven insights on ways you can use your ecommerce website to boost customer loyalty, and maximise each customer’s value.

He went into great detail on leveraging rewards tools such as Smile.io to incentivise your customers, giving website visitors plenty of options to get in touch with your team, and keeping your online content fresh, local and highly relevant.

Josh discussed ‘gamification’ to hook your customers, website layouts and design, and more. He’s a true ecommerce gun – we all learned a huge amount.  

Another big thanks to everyone that attended. We can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Don’t forget to join our Meetup group to get updates on the next event! We’ll be hosting round three very soon!   

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