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Turning inspiration into sales for Wanderers Travel Co.


Wanderers is a company that understands the need for daring adventure, luxurious escapes and cultural indulgence – but never underestimates the joy and predictability of simply coming home.

Inspired by “La dolce vita” – the passionate and emotive demeanor of Italians – we too believe that life should be enjoyed to the fullest. Our belief that working hard, but never missing an opportunity to be with family, travel and enjoy the many wonders of everyday life, has inspired this range of luxurious leather travel goods. Crafted to perfection, the soft, full grain leather and attention to detail in every piece, invite you too to wander the globe in style…


Wanderers Travel Co. had build a fantastic story with a reputation for high quality leather products. With the high volumes of traffic visiting the site, there was a need to capture as many new subscribers as possible and build a funnel that would help them on their way to their first purchase.

After their first order, it was vital to keep customers coming back and building their Wanderers collection. There was also a designer to reward long-term brand advocates who had been customers of Wanderers since its beginning.


The first step was to create a compelling series of data-capture points on the website with an offer that customers would be quickly engaged by. By offering a gift with first purchase, we were able to incentivise customers to start their collection with two complimentary products to inspire them to mix and match their collection from their first purchase.

This approach was coupled with a short nurture series that told the brand story and helped educate customers on why the Wanderers product was so unique. We used Klaviyo product recommendation engine to dynamically display popular new products in recommendations, personalising each campaign.

Post purchase, customers were sent on a journey that educated them on leather care, as well as dynamically recommended products based on their first order, ensuring that colours and products were aligned with their first purchase and create a unique journey for each customer.

Finally, long term customers were rewarded for their loyalty with exclusive, unique discount codes that game them discounts based on their lifetime spend as a thank you for their loyalty. Customers who had lapsed were also sent a series of campaigns to win them back, with product recommendations and offers tailored to their order history.


The results of these series has lead to an increase in new website visitor orders as well as new subscribers. This has been coupled with an increase in returning customers which has combined to create an ROI of 32X in only 9 months.

With a database almost double the size it was when Wanderers started working with us, the team has also been able to see significantly higher returns on their regular email marketing campaigns.

These elements have all combined to create an overall increase in email channel revenue of 340% year on year.


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While experiencing significant growth, Wanderers needed to create a journey that kept new customers customers engaged and coming back for more.

We implemented a series of automations designed for each unique stage of the customer journey. From sign-up, nurture and first purchase through to repeat purchase and long-term milestones, customers were sent highly personalised, timely content to keep them engaged and inspired.

31.94X ROI in 9 months

  • Abandoned Cart Series
  • Customer Milestone Series
  • Data Capture
  • Lapsed Customer Win-Back Series
  • Nurture Series