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Melbourne Snowboard Centre triple their email revenue with Andzen


Melbourne Snowboard Centre was started in 1996 with the desire to bring the love of the mountains to the city of Melbourne. They had a small bricks and mortar shop that has grown a loyal following over the last few decades and in 2009 they moved into their current home which has allowed them to grow into one of Australia’s largest snowboard stores. In 2012 they started selling online and have continued to provide the same dedication and customer service via email and over the phone that they are known for in store.


Thanks to its popular bricks-and-mortar store, MSC had earned a reputation as a one-stop shop for quality snowboarding equipment and excellent customer service. With an extensive product range covering many different categories and price points, the team needed a way to guide potential and existing customers through a personalised product journey that reflected the same level of service they offered in-store. Being a hobby-based business, MSC already had quite an engaged audience; we just needed a way to translate this engagement into predictable, long term revenue.


In order to gain a complete understanding of MSC’s products and customers, we began by running a workshop with their team where we dove into the findings of our data analysis and compared these with the staff’s own qualitative feedback on what motivated their various customer groups. From here we were able to begin working through strategies for each journey stage, from first visit through to long term loyalty.

It quickly became clear that we would need to migrate MSC from MailChimp to a more advanced platform that would allow us to make full use of the rich in-store and ecommerce data they were collecting. From there, we implemented the Klaviyo platform and built out journeys for cart abandonment, nurture, post-purchase and loyalty. We also implemented the JustUno platform to allow us to introduce targeted capture points throughout the store and increase the email sign-up rate.

One of the key factors in the project’s success was our decision to profile the customer on whether they were a beginner or an experienced snowboarder, as this would have a direct impact on the types of products they’d be interested in. This allowed us to personalise the content and products throughout the journey, resulting in drastic improvements to email channel revenue.



The team at Melbourne Snowboard Centre had always known email marketing was important, but they never could’ve imagined just how powerful it could be.

Within its first month of going live, our automation program had already paid for itself. 18 months later, the combined revenue of the five automation programs represented a 24X return on investment. In the 12 months following implementation, the store’s annual email channel revenue increased by 223%.


Sporting, Lifestyle, Fashion

Shopify Plus, Klaviyo & JustUno

MSC needed a way to translate online engagement into predictable, long term revenue.

Lifecycle Marketing Setup Package

24X return over 18 months

  • Abandoned Cart Series
  • Customer Milestone Series
  • First Purchase Follow-Up Series
  • Lapsed Customer Win-Back Series
  • Nurture Series


Why our clients love working with us

Daniel Rim
Ecommerce Manager

“Simon met with us to discover what our needs were and how our clientele and demographic differed from a regular online store. This was imperative in achieving our goal. During the discovery meeting we realised that we would need to switch mailing platforms, Andzen set this up for us and even ran us through training on how to use it.”

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