Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Is your business working with a high volume and high interaction product like retail or ecommerce? Do you have hundreds of thousands of combinations of data points and need to personalise your customer experiences at scale? You’re also looking to incorporate your point of sale and your online store and combine these data sets into a better understand of your consumers’ behaviour

What can Salesforce Marketing Cloud Do

Salesforce Marketing Cloud acts as the marketing extension of the Salesforce CRM system but can also operate on its own as an email marketing platform outside of a direct Salesforce set up. The Marketing Cloud is designed to allow businesses that send high frequency communications which leverage existing and predictive data points to deliver custom and personalised email marketing.

Every action taken within a Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaign is recorded and reflected back into future marketing efforts, using a combination of automation and predictive software to build individual experiences for individual customers.

These complex chains of consumer information allows marketers to better understand individuals and cohorts and move beyond basic date-driven segmentation to offer better services. You can create segments based on any number of consumer data points that are available to you and given that most Salesforce Marketing Cloud users operate at an enterprise level you’re often segmenting the data of hundreds of thousands of current and potential customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also allows you create custom automated sequences for welcome series through its Journey Builder platform. It allows most customers to be segmented based on their preferences and to create or populate existing segmentation plans based on their behaviours. You can also create custom landing pages based on individuals preferences using dynamic content and create 1-to1 customer journeys based on a top-level view of how they interact across social, in-store and online sales points through Journey Builder. Journey Builder in effect allows you to predict, map and adjust a customer’s entire journey in real time and use those data points to continue to automate others’ journeys.

While the primary focus of Marketing Cloud is on its outbound marketing functionality, it also integrates with customers online stores so act as the transactional email provider in order to better marry transactional experiences with future marketing.

A few of our Salesforce clients

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Automate the customer journey
  • Create 1-to-1 experiences with built-in tools
  • Drag-and-drop audience segmentation tools
  • Track consumer behaviour and experiences
  • Use data extensions to create specific silos
  • Singular view of the customer

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