Pardot Implementation

What is Pardot

Thinking about using Pardot for your business? Pardot is a B2B and B2C lead nurturing suite and email marketing platform that allows businesses and sales teams to synchronise their marketing efforts with their Salesforce CRM system.

What can Pardot Do

If you’re a business set up on Salesforce and need help with implementing its marketing software, Pardot is perfect for lower-volume 1-to-1 sales cycles where subscribers are drip fed content and offers to increase their lead scores. Businesses with differing content streams and offers would benefit from the platform’s drip feed sequencing which allows for a visualised and complex if/then/or/and with attached lead scoring and tasks assigned to sales teams based on action completion within the email.

The key selling point for Pardot is its automation suite. When a business has an existing set of assets which help enquirers become buyers, how you deploy those becomes key to maximise your return on investing in those assets. The drip feed sequencing allows you to create paths through your content and assets ensuring that the prospective lead is tagged at all stages of interacting with your assets and allows you to trigger additional content or sales interactions based on customer engagement within the campaigns being sent. That these sequences are all automated means that the tagging and engagement actions deliver the best leads to your sales team at the right stage of the lifecycle process.

The visual map of these sequences allows you to have complete oversight of every interaction a customer could have along their journey and to harness existing journies to make future customers convert faster. This also means you can see where you’re falling down and where you’re making a difference – you can also see where there are gaps in the campaign experience and where sales dead ends are created.

The complex reporting tools available in Pardot also mean that you can determine the value of your assets and their value in converting customers at any stage of the lead process. That ebook you wrote four years ago? It’s still converting even as the new video you’ve put together isn’t pulling its weight. Knowing the path of most conversion and the path of least resistance for your customers allows you to better tailor the content you’re sending and the rewards you’re reaping.

Coupling this insight with your existing Saleforce setup also allows you to leverage your existing customer information and client records to give better service and experiences along the journey.

A few of our Pardot clients

Key features

  • Complete email marketing platform software
  • Full integration with Salesforce CRM system
  • Visual campaign planner and drip feed sequences
  • Complete reporting tools based on visual planner
  • Individual sequence reporting based on customer engagement
  • Lead scoring that syncs with your existing CRM
  • Automated task generation based on campaign engagement

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