dotmailer Implementation

What is dotmailer

dotmailer is one of the leading marketing platforms used by a range of business models and sizes. With marketing automation as a key focus, this platform empowers companies with tools to increase business revenue and relationships with customers. From email marketing to landing pages and surveys, the range of creative opportunities within dotmailer will help you build highly targeted campaigns.

What can dotmailer Do

dotmailer is well known for its integration with Magento, a popular eCommerce platform. This integration offers users an advanced ability to deliver smart eCommerce marketing strategies by being able to target customers at any point in the buying cycle. Connecting these two platforms allows users to build relevant email campaigns based off transactionality history to increase customer loyalty and revenue.

Users can start sending creative campaigns to customers through the drag and drop feature found in their EasyEditor. This editor allows for a range of features, including multi-variate testing, customised transaction emails and a higher converting ‘Paypal ‘button’ to replace a standard ‘Buy Now’ link. They also allow you to use the optimised send times to target individual subscribers at a time that suits them will help you get the most out of your email marketing.

The built in automation stream will allow you to create email flows that suit your business. The intelligent email program will give your customers a personalised experience by creating trigger points in their customer journey to contact them. They’ve taken this daunting experience and turned it into something each user can integrate through the use of a visual map and drag and drop components.

All of these tools will help you improve your communications with subscribers while increasing efficiency in your marketing communications from the wide range of automation programs to choose from.

A few of our dotmailer clients


Key features

  • Drag and drop email editor
  • Transactional emails
  • Sophisticated visual Program Builder
  • Personalisation and targeting
  • External dynamic content
  • Landing pages
  • Advanced analytics
  • Integration with Magento, Shopify Plus, Salesforce and Dynamics CRM

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