WooCommerce Integration

What is WooCommerce

WooCommerce is by far the most popular eCommerce plugin for the WordPress platform and is used widely the world over. Whatever you’re selling online, WooCommerce has the power and functionality to be customized to your specific needs both natively and with the help of extensions.

What can WooCommerce Do

With WooCommerce you have ultimate control over your online store from the design of product pages and the checkout experience to detailed inventory management and order fulfilment functionality. It’s a scaleable platform for eCommerce that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Add to that it’s part of the ever popular WordPress environment which has proven to be a stable and successful platform for many years.

With WooCommerce you can manage your product listings with an extremely fine degree of control. This makes it great for businesses selling products with multiple variations and options like colour, shape, size and price allowing for both a clear but detailed experience for the customer and the user. Set up detailed information about product attributes and shipping costs all while ensuring your inventory records remain accurate and up to date.

Managing product assets and keeping everything organised in logical categories is also facilitated greatly with WooCommerce. You won’t come across any limitations when setting up your product listing. Whatever way you need to get things organised, you can do it. This has made WooCommerce the plugin of choice for thousands of large retailers looking for a solution that allows them to take their traditional bricks-and-mortar business online.

The online shopping experience is a key factor in keeping your customers happy and generating the most value from sales that you’ve worked hard to generate through marketing efforts. With WooCommerce you again have total control over the UX design of the checkout and payment process. Considering that somewhere between 65 – 70% of shopping carts are abandoned, designing this process to meet the exact needs of your customers is key. If the standard, templated options of simpler eCommerce platforms just aren’t cutting it, perhaps implementing WooCommerce with an experienced team of designers and developers is just what the doctor ordered.

For many businesses, order fulfilment and delivery can be a nightmare. With the variables of shipping your products compounded by the number of regions you sell to and the range of shipping agents you may need to deal with, WooCommerce has the flexibility you need to cater to your needs. An array of shipping options, calculators and shipping zone functions put the control in your hands to ensure you can balance the costs and complexity of despatch with your customers delivery expectations.

In addition to the day-to-day functionality of managing your eCommerce products and orders, WooCommerce also helps you to achieve your sales and marketing goals with discounts, coupons and product reviews all accounted for within the plugin. You’ll also find provision to manage complex tax calculations with its core functionality.

Perhaps the overall advantage for many existing businesses is that WooCommerce is open source. This makes the plugin easy to customise in order to work within a complex environment of systems. If you have experienced WordPress developers managing your website, WooCommerce can be extended and customised to specifically meet your needs by integrating with the rest of your WordPress website and with third party applications.

A few of our WooCommerce clients

Key features

  • Open source and developer friendly
  • Fully featured product listing options for detailed management
  • Clean and simple interface familiar to existing WordPress users
  • Complete control of the checkout and payment experience
  • Intuitive and detailed inventory management
  • Extendable and customisable through third party apps and custom development

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