Neto Implementation

What is Neto

Neto is an ecommerce platform for retailers who require the ability to automate and streamline their online and bricks and mortar business.

What can Neto Do

The unique range of integrations support businesses from product promotion to post-sale follow-up, making it the perfect platform for small and medium sized enterprises. This end-to-end ability is achieved through popular integrations such as Ebay, Neto Mail and Pick N Pack. These add-ons provide businesses with greater control over the entire production process.

The popular integration with eBay allows businesses to expand product accessibility as it uploads in sync with regular product updates to your website. Utilizing this add-on not only increases efficiency by reducing time spent uploading to multiple channels but allows you to manage eBay listings, customers and sales directly within the Neto account.

Neto also offers their own mailing platform that allows you to send email campaigns directly from your Neto account. Having multiple marketing avenues attached to this one platform gives business ultimate control over the way products are displayed and promoted.

Businesses that also have high stock levels have the opportunity to fully utilize Neto’s capabilities. The ‘Scan, Pick n Pack’ option allows operators to fulfil orders quickly, correctly and on-time. This behind the scenes efficiency is ultimately what creates effective processes to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

These integrations are among a long list of the opportunities that Neto provides to ensure your business can grow and be supported during higher sales levels. Neto even has a range of hardware such as scanners and printers to easily setup your eCommerce store.

If you are in need of a streamline system such as Neto, you can easily get started by using the range of free themes. If you can’t quite find something you like, Neto’s design team can create a customised theme to fit your business.

For many customers who already have an existing website, or have data stored, you can easily get your products uploaded by importing spreadsheets. Just one of the ways Neto wants you to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible for seamless business processes.

A few of our Neto clients

Key features

  • Add single or multiple warehouse locations to products
  • Create recurring billing schedules
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Sales Follow Up Emails
  • Fraud Filter
  • Invoice Templates
  • Multi level pricing

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