Top 5 (Revenue-Generating) Email Marketing Journeys Used By A Klaviyo Partner Agency

Klaviyo platinum master partner

Here at Andzen we proudly partner with Klaviyo.

We’ve chosen to specialise in Klaviyo because they’ve built their platform from the ground up, for high-growth eCommerce merchants.

Klaviyo integrates well with a range of website platforms including Shopify, Magento, and Woo Commerce – making it a perfect solution for our clients.

While we’ve found it to be a fantastic platform for growing our client’s revenue and retention, it does require experience, strategy, and ongoing optimisation to make the most of all their tools and functions.

Just like no two brands are the same; we strongly believe no two customer journeys should be the same!

As one of only a handful of Platinum Master Partners with Klaviyo, we’re extremely well versed in how to make the most of their platform and how to create highly-customised (on-brand) journeys for your new and existing customers. 

With our stupidly-talented team (no bias here) of strategists, creatives, and producers Andzen has quickly become a global leader in customer journeys and email marketing.

We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed the benchmarks of other Klaviyo users and agencies, when it comes to open rates, click-through rates, revenue per recipient, and ROI generated.

Our main focus is to build customer journeys for our clients that drive more revenue, improve the customer experience, look visually stunning, and help you drive long-term loyalty and retention. 

A well-built email automation series can help you:

  • Increase site conversions 
  • Increase lifetime customer value
  • Increase product subscriptions and recurring revenue 
  • Improve your overall customer experience 
  • Generate more reviews and UGC for ongoing brand growth

With this in mind, here are 5 journeys we use to achieve this for our clients…

1 – Segmented nurture flows

Nurture flows (also known as a “welcome series”) are a fantastic way to introduce new visitors to your unique brand story and product offerings.

There are many options for allowing visitors to join your mailing list – from pop-ups to inline forms and landing pages. You’ll generally want to offer an incentive, such as a discount, an eBook, or free shipping – as your “ethical bribe” to request people join your list. 

A great idea is to create a different flow (automated email series) for your email subscriber, based on what behaviours they have shown on your site.

For example, if the subscriber joined your list from a pop up on your men’s clothing collection, you can send them emails and offers related to men’s clothing. Or if they joined your list from an inline form on your home page, you may want to send them more generic content until you find out more about their preferences.

You can see an example of one of our client’s results with nurture flows here.

2 – Prompting customers to “chose their own adventure”

Yep, it really is that simple.

When someone signs up for your mailing list you can send them an email, allowing them to “choose their own adventure”.

For example, if you sell fish oil supplements, you could ask them what their biggest health goal is right now (losing weight, overall wellness, longevity, or boosting energy).

With clickable buttons for each option, we can tag people with the preference that they state. From here we can send them messaging, stories, and offers relating to that goal and preference.

3 – Segmented post-purchase flows

With a well-built post-purchase flow, you can grow the lifetime value of every customer who makes a purchase on your site.

This email series is triggered once someone makes a purchase on your site and is designed to generate repeat orders, brand loyalty, customer reviews, and referrals.

The best idea is for us to create separate flows for new customers and repeat customers.

4 – Loyalty and retention flows

Using a tool like we can set up a loyalty program for your brand. 

By giving customers incentives and rewards for taking actions such as following you on social, spending money on your site, referring a friend, and leaving a review; we’re able to drive up the completion of each of these actions.

The goal of a Loyalty Flow is to educate customers about your loyalty program, gamify the process, incentivise referrals, and encourage customers to spend their points balance. 

5 – Segmented abandoned cart flows

Customers abandon their cart for a wide range of reasons. A great abandoned cart series reminds people of the items in their cart and motivates them to finalise their purchase.

We can also offer upsells, downsells, bundle offers, and more to overcome any objection they may have to completing their checkout.

A great idea is to segment your customers based on their cart value. This way we can offer higher incentives to customers who have higher value (and/or higher-margin) items in their cart.

You can see an example of one of our client’s results with abandoned cart flows here.

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