WTF Is “The Package” That Everyone’s Talking About?

Without a doubt 2020 has been a wild ride so far for eCommerce merchants.

While some niches are booming right now, many online businesses have taken a huge hit to their revenue, as people all over the world are scrambling to deal with the current health (and economic) crisis.

Here at Andzen, we’ve been rallying all our resources and niche expertise to help our clients survive and thrive, today and throughout the coming months. 

As this situation has unfolded, it’s quickly become clear to us that:

  1. Many business owners are currently afraid to invest in their business.
  2. eCommerce merchants need our help more than ever right now.

So this got us thinking…

And in case you haven’t heard the buzz – we’d like to introduce you to The Package.

We’ve decided to do something truly unprecedented and put together a cost-price package to help eCommerce merchants (small and large) drive more revenue, loyalty, and customer retention during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is “The Package”?

The Package is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for 25 brands to work with Andzen (a global leading customer journey agency) at cost price!

Yep… We want to strategise, design, and build any one of our highest-converting customer journey modules (from end-to-end) for YOUR brand.

The goal will be to level up your brand’s customer journey and email revenue.

At. Cost. Price.

These are the same customer journey modules that have helped our clients get results like these.

IMPORTANT: Spots for this offer are strictly limited, so please don’t delay if you think this is right for you and your business.

If you’re ready to commit, we’re ready and waiting to help!

The Package requires a one-time investment of $1,000, which allows you to work with our expert eCommerce team at a fraction of the regular price. 

Here at Andzen, we’re not immune to the current economic crisis. We’ve spent the better part of a decade building a team of people to support our clients and we want to make sure we’re supporting them. By signing up for The Package, you’ll also be helping us get through the next few months and support our amazing staff.

We’re all in this together! Whether you’re looking to: 

  • Increase conversions 
  • Boost lifetime value 
  • Drive product subscriptions
  • Or improve your overall customer experience 

…The Package could be a game-changer for your business.

Again, if you’re ready to claim one of the spots you can apply for The Package here.

How does it work?

Our hope is that The Package will either be the start of a long term partnership or just something to help you survive and thrive during this tough time.

Who’s The Package for?

Whether you’re a well established brand, doing over 8 figures in revenue and looking to optimise your customer journey, or you’re an up-and-coming eCommerce merchant looking to drive more revenue through your store, The Package can help you get there!

We work with merchants in many different niches, from fitness, food, and fashion, to wellness, watches, and wearables. You can explore some of our clients and the results we’ve achieved for them here

Here are the projects you can choose from

We’ll audit your store data, site traffic, and existing marketing platforms and suggest the single most suitable customer journey module from the following:

Any One Of Our Flagship Email Automations

At Andzen, we know email marketing inside and out. Having once had an email marketing platform of our own, we’re uniquely experienced in all aspects of designing and building high-converting automations.

We specialise in creating conversion optimised flows, including:

  • Nurture series flows
  • Abandoned cart flows
  • Post-purchase flows

While you may have one (or all of these in place already) we pride ourselves on our ability to exceed the benchmarks of all other Klaviyo users and agencies. When it comes to ROI generated from our flows, we’re in a league of our own.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Amid the current health (and economic) crisis customer loyalty and retention is more important than ever. We’ve developed unique strategies for building programs that create a true VIP experience for customers, as opposed to an out-of-the-box rewards program.

We can build you a loyalty and rewards program that drives rapid revenue and retention. 

OFFER: 20% off for 6 months with – when you sign with us.

Recurring Billing and Subscriptions

We help many of our clients transform one-time customers into ongoing subscribers. By doing this we can dramatically improve your customer lifetime value. For many direct to consumer brands this can help to instantly provide more stable revenue streams. 

Utilising powerful tools like ReCharge to give your customers the right incentives and a seamless user experience – we’ve seen our clients achieve some phenomenal results in a short period of time.

OFFER: FREE account with ReCharge until you hit $100k in sales – when you sign with us.

Customer Review and UGC Generation

Want to capture high-impact customer reviews and display them on your site? 

Well that’s just the start of what we can do with a tool like Okendo. We also set up strategic questions and information fields for your reviews, allowing us to capture crucial customer data, interests, and preferences. 

We then use this data to segment your email lists and create hyper-relevant email campaigns that convert higher than any other traditional segmentation methods.

OFFER: Get 90 days FREE with Okendo when you sign with us.

Affiliate Marketing

We can help you transform your customers into brand advocates. By using tools like Refersion we can incentivize your best customers to refer your brand to their friends, family, and colleagues. 

We also use unique affiliate marketing strategies to give dis-engaged customers a powerful incentive to re-engage with your brand and share your products with people in their network.

SMS Marketing

We’ve implemented our SMS Marketing strategies to drive huge customer engagement and contribute new revenue for many brands. With our done-for-you services we can create and launch a customized SMS Marketing campaign to perfectly suit your brand.

Using tools like PostScript we can help you drive new revenue through automated communication sequences resembling a 1-to-1 interaction with your customers. 

OFFER: Get 45 days FREE with Postscript when you sign with us.

Messenger Marketing

At Andzen, we’ve helped many brands implement Messenger Marketing as a powerful way to communicate with their customers. The great thing here is you’re communicating with people on a platform they’re already actively using – Facebook Messenger.

Using tools like Recart we can build messenger automations that perfectly compliment and accelerate your overall online marketing efforts.

OFFER: FREE account with Recart until you hit $10k in attributed sales & Free implementation – when you sign with us.

Ready to level up your customer journey and email revenue?

If you’re ready to take up this once-in-a-lifetime offer from one of the world’s leading email marketing and customer journey agencies click here to apply while there’s still spots available.

The Package FAQs

Do we get everything for $1,000? 

No. We will build one customer journey module listed above from end-to-end (including strategy, creative, and build). Again, this is a MASSIVE discount.

Are the tools and platform fees included?

No. You’ll need to pay for any tools or platforms separately BUT we’ve secured some fantastic discounts and offers for any one who signs up for The Package.

Can I get this if I’m an existing client?

Yep, for sure. If one of these options stands out as something you’d like to implement on top of your existing roadmap, we would be more than happy to do so for a one-off fee of $1,000. Simply let your account manager know which module you’d like to add.

Hi, I'm Luke; Creative Director at Andzen. Some people appreciate vintage cars—others appreciate American West Coast IPAs. I appreciate words, sentences, songs, books, and creative use of the English language. After growing and selling my own eCommerce brand I now use everything I learnt to help other eCommerce brands grow their reach and revenue. I enjoy working with inspired entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a product that truly 'shakes things up' and changes people's lives.

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