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Sunnylife Brighten Up Their Review Experience and End To End Customer Journey


Founded in 2003, Sunnylife is one of the world’s leading summer lifestyle brands. Conceived on the beaches of Sydney, the brand was established with the goal of sharing Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world. They offer a vast range of products for beaches, pools, picnics, and more. They’re known for being a fun brand that help you enjoy life in the sun.


When we started working with Sunnylife, they were already well established in their market and achieving some great results. They had a thriving (and fun-loving) social media following as well as a strong focus on paid online media.

They had also set up some email automations through Klaviyo but were searching for a way to improve their email performance as well as boost their customer review generation velocity.

As we know that up to 95% of online shoppers want to explore comments and reviews before buying, we saw a great opportunity to help Sunnylife increase the performance (and customer experience) of their review generation efforts.

We also saw a great opportunity to drive more revenue for Sunnylife, through nurturing new email subscribers and increasing their repeat customer rates with a customised post-purchase flow.


While Sunnylife had a process in place for generating customer reviews, they didn’t have a way to integrate these efforts with the rest of their email automations. This resulted in a less than optimal customer experience.

With the goal of increasing end-to-end performance – from data capture, right through to purchase and positive review acquisition – we set out to create a custom solution for Sunnylife.

Part of this meant collaborating with the team from Shopify app Okendo to promote and collect new customer reviews. While Okendo already had a fantastic tool for helping merchants generate customer reviews, we worked with the team to implement an integration with Klaviyo that allowed Sunnylife to send their review requests from Klaviyo and keep the design of the email true to their brand style.

We were also able to leverage Okendo’s integration to pull the customer data gathered by Okendo and push it into Klavito so that it could be used for future segmentation of their subscribers.

We were confident this would not only allow Sunnylife to increase their review generation velocity and improve the customer experience but also drive higher conversion rates for individual SKUs.

Sunny Life - Sample


As we anticipated, by working with Okendo to integrate their tool with Klaviyo we were able to create a seamless review experience that stayed true to the Sunnylife brand the customers know and love.

This user-friendly process for requesting customer feedback and reviews (that didn’t clash with other flows) resulted in an immediate uplift in 5-star customer review velocity in the first month of implementation.

Sunny Life - Before and After

Our data capture and nurture series was set up to introduce people to the Sunnylife brand and segment them based on interest. With an average open rate higher than 50% this flow led to a nurture series conversion rate of 18.22%.

These strategies have combined with other automations to contribute to an impressive 424% ROI for Sunnylife.

Sunny Life - ROI


Sunny Life

Summer Lifestyle Brand

Klaviyo, Shopify, Okendo

Increase end-to-end customer journey performance through customised email automations (including data capture, post-purchase, and review generation flows).

We collaborated with Shopify app creator, Okendo to organise a unique tool integration for turning more customers into brand advocates. We also built customised flows for nurturing new subscribers and increasing repeat customer rates.

Over 424% ROI

  • Automation
  • Data Capture
  • Post Purchase


Why our clients love working with us

James Merrett
Head of Online, Sunnylife

“We have been working with Andzen for a year and seen some amazing results. We initially engaged Andzen because our business had a customer retention and product discoverability problem – we were getting a lot of one time customers and they weren’t exploring the range enough. We chose the team at Andzen because of their end-to-end approach to running the project; scoping, design, build, deployment and reporting and then their expertise in scaling this across multiple sites and regions.

In the course of just one year we have seen a doubling in our repeat purchase, 70% of these being in a category other than the initially purchased.

Overall we have found working with the team a great experience – they are entirely capable of being an autonomous unit, working to an approved roadmap and they are equally comfortable working in and around our existing team, taking the time to educate them on the details of marketing automation.”

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