Andzen: Klaviyo’s first Australian Master Platinum Partner

As an agency it’s our job to help our clients share their brand story and kick their business goals and objectives. At Andzen we know all too well that consumers demand more from the brands they shop with, and achieving sustainable growth can be a store’s biggest challenge.

Hate spreadsheets? Have so many tabs open you feel like you might fall into the internet abyss? If you’re out there trying to be and do everything all at once, we feel you. 

Which is why we’re such big fans of Klaviyo. 

Like all the tools we’ve added to our arsenal over the years, we’ve found Klaviyo allows us to communicate better and smarter with the customer.  


What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo what now? (Pronounced Clay + V + OH) Klaviyo is a modern marketing automation tool designed to help grow your business and make more money. We love the way it deeply integrates with ecommerce platforms like Shopify to enrich your customer data so you can send personalised campaigns and automation sequences to your customers based on their shopping and browsing behaviours. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and say hello to streamlined, personalised marketing. 

Ultimately, there’s plenty of software out there for sending emails. Klaviyo is for making sales. 

Why do we (Andzen) recommend it?

We all wish we had the ability to push harder towards certain goals or explore ideas we think will improve our businessbut it can be tough knowing where our time and effort will be best spent. This is just as true for our business as it is for our clients, so we’re always looking for tools that save time or make us more efficient.

Klaviyo supports us by engineering a platform that is less resource-hungry on the technical front, allowing us to focus more on strategy. The software integrates out-of-the-box with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce, and is being continually developed to stay cutting edge. The Klaviyo team listens to our product feedback and most importantlyour clients find it a breeze to use.

That’s why we’re stoked to be the first Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner in Australia.


What’s a Master Platinum Partner?

Klaviyo’s Masters track is for agencies who provide their clients with all aspects of email marketing services. That’s everything from strategic guidance and technical support to superior implementation.


Here’s how our GM Jason puts it:

“Our Klaviyo partnership is unique because Andzen has been graded as part of a select group of global agencies that are Masters of implementing the platform to generate a significantly above average ROI for clients.

The Platinum qualification means that we’re given special early knowledge of features and Klaviyo’s product roadmap, allowing us to plan for new tools well in advance and have our clients ready to make the most of them from day 1.

We’re also given special access to provide feedback and ideas for features or product improvements that are then used to assist Klaviyo in planning their development roadmap.

Klaviyo, like us, understands that when our clients grow, we grow along with them. So we’re always working closely together to ensure Klaviyo has the technical features in place, and that we have the strategic plan to utilise them, so that our clients see the best ROI possible.

-Jason Anderson, General Manager @ Andzen

As Klaviyo partners we can provide strategic guidance, technical support, system migrations, template design, and holistic management—everything from beginning to end—to make sure your customer journey is flawless.

With Klaviyo we can report on sales, not just clicks. We can immediately see how much money a campaign or automation has made, and respond accordingly.


At the end of the day, it’s about helping you sell more online. Being recognised as a Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner lets us do just that. 


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Hi, I'm Brenden; Director and Co-Founder at Andzen. I started this whole thing way back when. Before Andzen I ran teams for a few email marketing platforms and prior to that, my own consulting business. I spend my days on strategic direction of the company but mainly I run around making sure all the ridiculously talented people at Andzen have everything they need to smash it for our clients.

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