ANDZEN Among the First Marketing Agencies Selected for the Shopify Plus Partner Program

We’re excited to announce that ANDZEN is now a certified Shopify Plus Partner! We’re genuinely honoured to be recognised for all the work we’ve been doing for high-volume and high-growth eCommerce Merchants.

But what does this mean for YOU as an eCommerce Merchant?

Being among the first marketing agencies (globally) to be selected, we’re truly excited about the ability this is going to give us to serve our clients at an even higher level. With additional insights, support, services, partners, and tools – we are now more equipped than ever, to help your store grow and reach its full potential!

Andzen team and Shopify Plus Partner Manager, Yeemun

Being a Shopify Plus Partner means Shopify themselves have recognised us as a leading international agency with specialised expertise on Shopify Plus. This means we will be granted exclusive access to resources and updates that most agencies don’t have. We will have opportunities to hear about new features before they’re officially released and receive priority support in resolving any issues that come up.

Since conception, we’ve been passionate about helping eCommerce brands grow and improve conversion at each touch point along the purchase journey. Now with a wealth of experience, an incredible team of creatives and technical specialists, as well as access to exclusive resources and connections – we’re thrilled to be helping you shape the future of online retail!

While we’re undoubtedly fired-up that Shopify recognises our expertise, what really drives us is telling your brand story. It’s been an honour to have already worked with some of the coolest brands on the planet and we can’t wait to continue growing our eCommerce superpowers, industry leadership, and specialist expertise.

Working with a best-in-class Shopify Plus Partner agency can be extremely beneficial for any eCommerce store and Shopify Plus merchant. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we do and how we work!

Hi, I'm Luke; Creative Director at Andzen. Some people appreciate vintage cars—others appreciate American West Coast IPAs. I appreciate words, sentences, songs, books, and creative use of the English language. After growing and selling my own eCommerce brand I now use everything I learnt to help other eCommerce brands grow their reach and revenue. I enjoy working with inspired entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a product that truly 'shakes things up' and changes people's lives.

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