Get your content together! It’s time to start communicating with your subscribers.

Struggling to find time to send out regular updates? Wondering whether it’s even worth it?  There’s no getting around it; finding the time is definitely worth it and it’s all about how you package it. Those emails you keep pushing to the bottom of your to-do-list could make a world of difference to your business and there’s no better time to start than today.

Sending regular newsletters and updates keeps your company in the front of customers minds. It’s an easy way to maintain communication in order to continue developing a relationship with them. Given how many messages you’re bombarded with every day, you’re fighting for your customers attention and by excluding yourself from the race, you could be missing out on a significant amount of potential for branding, exposure and sales.

Let’s use an online clothing business as an example. At some point you’ve been signed up to multiple clothing brand emails, right? If a customer is in need of a jacket for winter, what do you think triggers their next purchase? Sending a ‘what’s new’ monthly email helps ensure that next time your subscriber decides to update their wardrobe, you’re one of the first websites in their search.

Have you also noticed how many of these brand emails have ‘Shop Now’ options or a direct link to purchase their products? It’s more than simply trying to show customers how considerate they are. The power of immediacy needs to be utilized in newsletters and updates as your customers continues to develop a ‘now’ mentality. Implementing convenient ways for people to purchase your products or read more information can boost sales and newsletters are a great way to do this.

Regular updates also create an expectation with readers on the level of interaction they have with your business. It proves the effort you go to ensuring subscribers are up to date with the latest products and trends. When a newsletter is sent out regularly, customers will be excited to see what new products are available and this will create an expectation for future campaigns and continue to build that brand engagement.

Don’t forget, newsletters are a great way to show off a little! Remind your subscribers of how good your products or services are and why they signed up in the first place. Don’t go too over the top, bragging won’t get you far, but include a section in your newsletter to show your clients what recent projects you have been working on.

So when should you be sending these newsletters and updates and what should you include? Updates are great to send immediately as a new product, service or discount is released. This will make your subscribers feel valued as they are one of the first ones to see these details, creating a feeling of exclusivity or personalisation. Many organisations send monthly newsletters because it’s enough time for you to obtain sufficient content, and also doesn’t bombard your subscribers inbox.

Still wondering when you’ll find time to get those newsletters done? Let us know. We can help lighten the load!

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