Top 5 Newsletter Content Pieces

Top 5 Email Content

We all know that a regular e-newsletter should form part of our email marketing program. But with so much going in your business at any given time, it’s not always easy to package up your content into small, digestible chunks suitable for an e-newsletter.

Lucky for you, we have a few little tricks up our sleeve that we’d love to share with you. These five content ideas should help make your next e-newsletter a breeze to create.

1. Introductory paragraph and summary

This is vital to the success of your newsletter. Your introductory paragraph sets the tone of the whole piece and tells the reader what they can expect to find once they read on.

This is also a great place to insert some anchor links, allowing people to easily jump to the piece of content that interests them most, without having to scroll.

2. Team Insights George Rawson - August Team Insight

While many customers will come to your business because of your name or reputation, most will stay because of the quality of service they receive. Your monthly newsletter is a great place showcase the knowledge and skills of your team members, giving your customers the confidence that they’re in safe hands.

A message from the CEO or management team is also a great way to give your readers a more personal experience. Celebrate your successes with your subscribers, and speak to them like you would if you were having a face-to-face conversation.

3. Blogs & Case Studies/ Resources

Has someone from your company written a blog on a timely event or product update? Have you just finished an interesting project or come across an online resource that is saving your business time and money?

Then share it with your email subscribers!

Empowering your subscribers with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions will win you their undying love and attention. It’s a no-brainer!

4. Company News

This one should go without saying. Keeping people up-to-date on your product or service offering will often form the main objective of your email. But don’t fall into the trap of talking strictly business. Your subscribers have engaged with your company for a reason, and are generally very happy to hear about some of the more light-hearted news – like a milestone achieved by a staff member; or a fun team outing you’ve just had.

5. EventsAndzen Events

Keeping your community in the loop about the events your team is attending is a great way to start conversations while also demonstrating how involved you are in your industry. Invite people to let you know if they’re going as well, or provide them with a link to get tickets and join you.

Events also provide a great opportunity to share photos. Snap a quick selfie with the keynote speaker to add an extra talking point to your email content.

What other pieces of content do you regularly include in your newsletters? Let us know in the comments below.

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