Ecommerce Marketing With Okendo

In this blog we’re going to showcase one powerful way to use Okendo’s brand new integration with Klaviyo to ramp up your eCommerce marketing.

Not just for getting more reviews… but for creating laser-targeted cross-sell promotions for existing customers and driving up your lifetime customer value.

We’ll be breaking down a new way to offer:

  • Product upgrades
  • Related product promotions
  • And complimentary product recommendations

Ready to taste the future of eCommerce?

Hop aboard and let’s get to it!

The ABCs of eCommerce cross-selling

First up, if you’re not convinced that cross-selling should be firmly on your radar… let’s get nerdy for a second.

Cross-selling and personalized product recommendations are reported to contribute to 35% of overall revenues on Amazon. Yep, 35%!

And in the same report they found 49% of consumers said they have purchased a product they did not initially intend to buy after receiving a personalized product recommendation.

So the data is in… Cross-selling is a MUST for high-growth eCommerce brands.

*For the purposes of this blog we’re talking about cross-selling that takes place after a customer has placed their initial order. Although you can also cross-sell during the checkout process.

The key to effective cross-selling is offering your customers products that add value and make their life better.

So you want to show them complimentary products that will:

  • Improve their life (in the terms they define).
  • As well as boost their customer lifetime value.

It’s really a win-win when done well!

But the biggest challenge with cross-selling effectively is trying to avoid sending your customers products that they aren’t interested in.

I mean, customers are going to start ignoring your product recommendations if you keep missing the mark, right?

That’s where Okendo’s newest integration with Klaviyo comes in!

What Okendo’s new integration with Klaviyo offers and how it works

What if you could read your customer’s mind?

What if you could predict what cross-sell offers they’d be interested in?

Well as eCommerce tools advance, this is the (slightly scary) world we’re approaching!

And Okendo’s new integration with Klaviyo is getting us closer than ever before.

So how does it work?

Essentially Okendo’s attribute feature allows you to collect LOADS of data about your customers through the simple act of them reviewing their purchase.

What kind of data?

Well that’s the cool part… YOU get to decide.

  • How satisfied were they with their purchase?
  • What features did they enjoy about the product?
  • What benefit they were seeking when they ordered?
  • What goal is your product helping them to achieve?
  • What problem are they hoping to solve?

You’ll see in the above example that the customer was asked to add their shoe size, foot width, and other details while leaving a review.

Does this help other customers contextualize and understand the review? Sure does.

But… it also allows you – the eCommerce merchant – to mine this data and create highly-targeted promotions and cross-sell campaigns!

In plain English?

Plug this baby into a platform like Klaviyo and say goodbye to lackluster email marketing promotions!

What sort of results can you expect? Glad you asked.

Here’s some recent stats from our client WAG’s highly successful integration

Okendo Segmented Stats (Their Email Performance Using This Tool):

  • Review Request Click Rate: 64% increase
  • Placed Order Rate: 300% increase
  • Revenue Per Recipient: 423% increase

As you can see by mining the data from Okendo and segmenting customers based on their interests and preferences we’ve seen a massive uplift in email performance.

If you’re interested in chatting with us about leveling up your eCommerce customer journey, drop your details here

Ok now let’s look at a few examples to demonstrate how Okendo’s new integration with Klaviyo could work for your business…

Putting it into practice for your business

Let’s say you sell headphones…

During the review process you could ask customers to add what feature they were seeking in the headphones. E.g:

  • Noise cancellation.
  • Wireless capabilities for workouts.
  • Great mic for phone calls.
  • Etc. etc.

Then once you launch your newest headphones that have an advanced version of that feature, you’ll know exactly who to promote it too!

Or let’s say you sell apparel…

You could ask customers to add information like:

  • Whether they bought it for work.
  • Or whether they bought it for special events.

Then you’ll know whether they may be interested in your new line of workwear or evening wear.

And you could create a sequence of emails promoting each ONLY to relevant people that are likely to be interested.

As a final example let’s say you sell supplements like protein powder…

You can ask them to enter:

  • What their biggest health goal is right now.
  • Whether they’re trying to pack on muscle.
  • Whether they’re trying to get more lean.

Once you know their biggest goal you can start speaking in their language.

For example… “Midnight cravings suck when you’re trying to get lean. That’s why…”

Honestly… these examples are really just scratching the surface of what you can do with this new feature!

Advanced cross-sell customer journeys

Here at Andzen, we’re leading the charge towards personalized customer journeys that speak directly to your customers biggest pains, desire, hopes, and dreams.

We’re honored to have built strong partnerships with the companies that are “arming the rebels” of eCommerce and creating tools that can transform your business.

With partners like Okendo, Klaviyo and many others we work with our clients to create game-changing automated communications.

While these tools are getting extremely advanced and powerful… The devil is in the details.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you take your automations and customer journey to the next level, we’d love to have a chat.

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