Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce: Event 10 July 14


Sign-Up.to Australia is a local Brisbane business and as such we are a supporter of our local Chamber of Commerce, for us that’s Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce. SHCC is associated with the Valley and Teneriffe Chambers of Commerce. These chambers service Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills, Newstead, Teneriffe, New Farm and of course Spring Hill.

This month I joined the Executive Team at Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce along with Ryan Pinkerton, Gabriel McKinnon & Leisa Gill. Being a part of the local business community is important to Sign-Up.to because local businesses support us and together we can drive economic growth both in our local districts and all facets of our businesses.

With this we would like to invite you to come along to the SHCC event next month on 10th July 2014 where we’ll be launching the Spring Hill Festival “Spring Hill Alive”. The event will be held at the Urban Hotel Brisbane in their Panorama Room from 6pm and you can pick up tickets on the chamber website now.

Finally if you’re a client of ours, one of our fabulous partners or an interested local business, I implore you to join the Spring Hill Chamber. For most it’s only $200 for an annual membership and business opportunities are significant.

In the chamber we do business with members.

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