Podcast: How to Generate a 28X ROI Using eCommerce Tools That “Talk To Each Other” (with Jason Anderson)

Shopify Dropify Podcast

Recently Andzen’s own, Jason Anderson was interviewed on The Shopify Dropify podcast. If you’re looking to grow your eCommerce revenue without spending more money driving traffic, you won’t want to miss this in-depth conversation. 

Here’s a taste of what Jason covers in the chat:

Dynamic automations based on customer behaviour – Jason breaks down the best ways to start treating your customers as individuals (and boost your eCommerce revenue in the process).

The crucial first 10 days after someone subscribes – Jason explains why new subscribers are so primed to learn more about your brand, explore your customer reviews, and make their first purchase. 

eCommerce apps that “talk to each other” – Jason also discusses how using apps that “talk to each other” like Klaviyo, Justuno, and Smile.io can help you create a superior experience for your customers.

Your chosen 500 customers – Jason reveals ideas for how you can reward your top-tier customers to foster increased brand loyalty.

Jason also covers how one of our clients has generated an impressive 28X ROI through incorporating these strategies and creating a seamless customer journey. 

The Shopify Dropify podcast is presented by The Cut – a Perth-based digital agency who help businesses with software, eCommerce, and branding solutions.  

You can listen to the podcast here:

Hi, I'm Luke; Creative Director at Andzen. Some people appreciate vintage cars—others appreciate American West Coast IPAs. I appreciate words, sentences, songs, books, and creative use of the English language. After growing and selling my own eCommerce brand I now use everything I learnt to help other eCommerce brands grow their reach and revenue. I enjoy working with inspired entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a product that truly 'shakes things up' and changes people's lives.

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