Set the bar higher with your 2017 marketing resolutions

You may have taken your ecommerce business to the next level over the holidays but there’s still a lot you can do to keep those sales figures climbing. Kick off your 2017 by setting the bar higher for the year ahead. Set your goals as a mark to measure your success and growth. Our top suggestions below will help you make the small, incremental changes that will only increase your ecomm results.

Product Photography
Although it’s a simple and obvious suggestion, revamping your product images can make the difference. Interestingly, larger images can positively affect sales by 9%! So when it comes to your next product photoshoot consider the size or scale of your image, how the product looks from a range of angles, as well as the product components in a flatlay format versus an assembled shot. If you really kick your product displays up a notch, invest in 360° images or product videos to showcase functionality.

Marketing Automations
Engage your audiences by introducing automated email series into your marketing repertoire. You may start with a welcome sequence, then expand to cross promotions, product reorder campaigns, cart abandonment emails or confirmation emails requesting product reviews. It will help drive traffic to your site and keep audiences engaged with the brand. Despite the work involved during the setup and development phase, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial sacrifices. It can cost up to 7 times more to acquire a new client than retain an existing one, so it’s worth your while to make the investment in a robust email platform that can cater for your needs.

Content Marketing
Rather than focusing on solely on product pushes, change up your marketing routine by giving content marketing a whirl. Compete for consumers fleeting attention by producing quality, relevant material. It’s a great way to engage consumers, creating stronger value through trust, authority and relevancy. Although paid advertisements can be effective, content marketing is an alternative way to reach consumers and evade ad blockers. It will improve brand recall, increase conversions, drive down bounce rates, and above all, it’s something your followers can interact with.

Challenge yourself to accomplish better results by taking a new approach to segmenting your mailing list. Create highly targeted emails by breaking down your subscriber list based on demographics, online consumer behaviour or via email interactions. There are a whole range of variables you can segment on such as product interests, purchase history, VIP status, cart value, subscription method, device usage, repeat customers or first time purchasers. With more relevant campaigns, you’ll start to see a greater return on your investment.

Cover your bases and ensure your website and emails are responsive across all devices. This will increase accessibility and allow you to sell anywhere whether it from a desktop, mobile, in-store or even from a roaming in-store tablet. Rather than a fixed store checkout – take the cash register to them!

The new year calls for reflection and positive changes. Build on what worked during 2017 and improve on 2016’s areas of lesser efficiency. The retail lull of January and February is the ideal time to put all your new ideas into action!

Here at Andzen, my role as Project Manager is to implement strategic processes around the way our client work is completed. With experience in customer service, advertising and publishing, my passion for marketing is utilised each day by strategically creating an implementation that generates results for clients.

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