Holiday Season Quick Wins For 2021 (4 Last-Minute Christmas Email Marketing Ideas)

last minute email marketing tips for christmas

So Black Friday is over, and you’ve realized that’s where the majority of your email marketing efforts were focused…. Whoops. With all of the hype surrounding BFCM, it’s easy to forget that the race isn’t over just yet. But don’t worry, there’s still time to make a mad dash to the finish line and end your year on a high with our four quick wins for Christmas, including:

  • Having a flash sale
  • Creating a gift guide
  • Promoting gift cards
  • Announcing your shipping cut-off date

Ready to put the final bow on your eCommerce holiday planning? Let’s get into it!

Have a flash sale

Like we see each year with Black Friday weekend, flash sales create a lot of hype. FOMO takes over and people find themselves hitting the add to cart button again and again. While some people use BFCM to get a head start on their Christmas shopping, others put numero uno first (and that’s totally fine). So, to drive last-minute sales before the end of the year, consider having a flash sale. This could be a 24 hour sale, or maybe even shorter. Since it’ll be after BFCM, your customers won’t be expecting it — which drives extra urgency that it’s a once-off.

Create a gift guide email campaign

email tips for christmas

It can be a challenge doing Christmas shopping for your family, Friendsmas, the office Secret Santa… the list goes on. Help your customers out by putting together a gift guide to give inspo to last minute shoppers. A gift guide also gives you the chance to bring attention to certain products or collections. You could create static product blocks to highlight specific products, or include a few different dynamic product feed, for example:

  • Gifts for him
  • Gifts for her
  • Stocking fillers
  • To: Me, From: Me

Promote your gift cards

The gift that keeps on giving… the gift voucher. Some people might say that gift vouchers are impersonal… but what’s more personal than getting someone something they actually want? Gift vouchers are a win-win. For the gifter, they’re easy to buy, and the giftee can use it whenever they want (before it expires that is). According to Australian Consumer law, gift cards must have a minimum expiry time of three years from the date of purchase. This gives the recipient plenty of time to use their voucher.

Here’s how we recommend promoting gift cards as a great Christmas gift:

  • Announce it in a dedicated email campaign. E.g. “Give the gift of a gift card this Christmas”
  • Have a sale on gift cards to promote them further 
  • Add a block at the bottom of your regular campaigns plus automations leading up to Christmas. E.g. “Looking for a last minute gift? Purchase a gift card”

The good thing about online gift cards is that you don’t need to wait for delivery. So, if you’ve missed the delivery cut off dates but don’t want to face the crowds in store, get a gift card!

Announce your shipping cut-off date

email marketing tips

Give your customers a final push by reminding them that if they want to receive their order before Christmas, they will need to place their order by a certain date. You could structure this series of campaigns as follows: 

  • Initial announcement
  • Follow-up reminder
  • 24 hours left to order

Include a countdown timer in these campaigns to really highlight the fact that there’s limited time left to shop online before Christmas arrives.

To wrap it up

No pun intended. Okay, so it was intended… Hey, we’re feeling festive! We’re on the downhill stretch to Christmas, which means while there’s not a lot of time left to implement any major strategies, there’s still time for some quick wins. 

  • Flash sale 
  • Create a gift guide
  • Promote gift cards
  • Announce your shipping cut-off date

So there you have it — four quick and easy wins to see out the holiday season. 

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