4 Types of Pop-Ups To Create With Justuno (With Examples)


We’re big fans of Justuno here at Andzen. It’s a great platform to work with, giving you the ability to design and customize your own forms and pop-ups. Plus, Justuno’s huge array of targeting rules means that your forms are shown to the right audience at the right time. From growing your email subscriber list and attracting new customers with data capture forms, to cross-selling products with website messaging pop-ups —here are four types of pop-ups you can create using Justuno’s standard plan.

1. Spin-To-Win Data Capture Form

Take your standard data capture form a step further by adding in a spin-to-win! This is a great tactic that promotes visitor engagement, and in turn increases conversion rates. Justuno boasts a 13% average opt-in rate for spin-to-win pop-ups (where the industry standard for regular pop-ups is 5-7%). 

Plus, as Justuno integrates with SMS and Messenger platforms, you can include a widget (or a separate screen) to give customers the option to opt-in to receiving these types of marketing messages. 

Data capture forms that are embedded into the footer of your website are a good standard practice to have in place. However, unless a customer is purposely looking for a place to sign up, these types of forms can often be missed. Pop-ups are certain to grab a visitor’s attention, so try a spin-to-win and test your audience’s engagement.


2. Exit Intent Data Capture Form

Like Justuno says, ‘there’s nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity’. Exit intent pop-ups are designed to capture your customer’s attention before they exit your site (potentially forever). Reports say that 10 to 15% of ‘lost’ customers can be captured by an engaging exit intent popup. 

But what makes an engaging exit intent form? An enticing offer, of course! This could be a discount offered to customers when placing their first order, a gift with purchase, or free shipping. For some brands, the incentive to sign up could be that they receive access to download an ebook for free. Knowledge is power, after all. 

With Justuno, you’ll need to set up the targeting rules so that the exit intent popup only shows to customers who display an intent to exit your website. For desktop users, the intent to exit is easy to identify, for example, when a user moves their mouse towards the exit button. Whereas on mobile, it’s a bit trickier to judge, so a combination of targeting rules need to be used in this instance. 

Just like a standard data capture form, you’ll need to collect the customer’s name and email address (plus any other info you deem necessary). On the success screen, you can either reveal the discount code, or prompt the customer to check their inbox.

Exit Intent Form

3. Website Messaging Pop-Up

Not all pop-ups need to collect information about your customers. You can use pop-ups to:

  • Promote a sale
  • Direct customers to a particular product page
  • Complete an on-site quiz
  • Alert customers of shipping delays
  • Plus much, much more.

Unlike Justuno’s data capture forms, website messaging pop-ups only have one screen. So, if you’re designing this type of pop-up, be sure to select the right canvas, or you’ll have empty screens (not a good look). 

Our tip here would be to use this kind of pop-up sparingly. Pop-ups tend to have a bad reputation as annoying (and we’re trying to change that). You don’t want customers to be hit with multiple pop ups in one session, and leave your website in frustration. Luckily, using Justuno’s targeting rules, you’re able to prevent visitors from seeing certain pop-ups, show them specific pop-ups, or limit the number of pop-ups they see in a given timeframe. 

Website Messaging Pop-Up

4. Cross-Sell Pop-Up

You read that right! You can create basic cross-sell pop-ups with Justuno’s standard plan. The trick is knowing how. 

If you have a certain product you’re wanting to push, you can create a website messaging pop-up with an image of that product. Then,  add a CTA (which you can customize) and code it so that it automatically adds the item to the customer’s cart. 

You might be thinking, ‘but what if a customer already has that item in their cart?’ Well, using the right targeting rule, you can prevent the pop-up from showing to that customer. 

If you’re looking to have more in-depth cross-sell pop-ups and product recommendations, we’d recommend upgrading to Junstuno’s Plus Plan and using Commerce AI. This is a great tool for increasing cart value and AOV.

Cross-Sell Pop-Up


Pop-ups are a great way to build your owned marketing channels like email, boost engagement, and push products and collections. Having a data capture strategy in place will do wonders for your email marketing, and help you to nurture more customers to make their first purchase (and repeat purchases into the future). The key is to craft a strategy to make sure customers aren’t hit with multiple pop-ups, or see the same pop-up with every visit. With Justuno, you can take your pop-ups to the next level using great design features, and targeting rules to match.

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