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Andzen Launches Marketing Automation Fundamentals Packages for Ecommerce Merchants

Andzen Launches Marketing Automation Fundamentals Packages for Ecommerce Merchants

Andzen, a global customer journey agency, has announced the launch of two new marketing automation packages aimed at startup and SME ecommerce merchants. Leveraging its best practices from over 10 years of experience in marketing automation and being a leading global Klaviyo Elite agency, the new packages are designed to provide affordable solutions for merchants looking to improve their customer journey marketing automation.

The packages, named ‘Klaviyo Fundamentals’ and ‘Klaviyo Fundamentals Lite’, are priced to be budget-friendly and can be rapidly deployed, allowing merchants to start generating revenue and positive ROI quickly. These packages are designed to help merchants get the fundamentals of their customer journey in place first, which is crucial for winning the discretionary spend of increasingly budget-conscious shoppers.

“Andzen knows the power of Customer Journey & Marketing Automation for ecommerce brands,” said Brenden Rawson, CEO of Andzen.
“The power to engage more with their customers improves conversion rates and repeat purchasing growing customer lifetime value. Everything we’ve learned from doing this at the highest level for over a decade is now available as distilled best practice ‘Klaviyo Fundamentals’ packages at a more accessible price-point.”

Andzen’s marketing automation packages include a range of services such as creating buyer journeys to capture, nurture, convert and retain more customers for your ecommerce brand. By implementing marketing automation, ecommerce merchants can improve customer engagement, increase conversion rates, and build brand loyalty.

“At Andzen, we believe that every ecommerce merchant deserves the opportunity to grow their business through effective marketing automation,” said Rhiannon Davies, Head of Strategic Planning at Andzen.
“Our new packages are designed to provide a budget-friendly and accessible solution for startup and SME merchants to achieve their business goals.”

About Andzen: Andzen is a leading Customer Journey Agency headquartered  in Brisbane, Australia with operations in Aus, the US & the UK. Andzen helps eCommerce merchants turn browsers into buyers and casual shoppers into repeat purchasers. They do this by creating highly relevant interactions at each stage of the customer journey, improving conversion and ultimately customer lifetime value. As a Klaviyo Master Elite partner, Andzen crafts expert strategies for merchants, including (but not limited to) email and SMS, lead capture, and loyalty programs. Andzen continues to work with eCommerce brands across the world, from local merchants to globally recognized stores.


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